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Tim Ferriss swears by this book and with good reason: it's a great opportunity to challenge your approach to reality.

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Definitely not something you can get through in one sitting though. It takes you through the process of thinking about the nature of reality and what you see around you. It's easy to read but does take time to digest so it might take a while to get through even though it's a pretty short book.

Henry Marsh: ‘The mind-matter problem is not a problem for me – mind is matter’

We'd recommend it to anyone who likes to challenge their thinking and what they hold to be true. Irvine makes a really good case for practising Stoicism and the importance of having a good philosophy in life.

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  8. This book is a brilliant primer on Stoicism if you've heard of it but not really sure what it's about or why you'd bother learning about it. Highly recommended. A quick read and recommended for anyone interested in knowing more about the effect of sexism on scientific advancement.

    If you can read no other book listed in this post, make sure you read this one. The first book on our list is still technically medical but in a non-medical way. In this captivating book, we follow the stories of two opthalmologists, Geoffrey Tabin and Sanduk Ruit, as they go about saving tens of thousands of people from preventable blindness in the foothills of the Himalayas as you do. This is a feel-good true story about the unique power that every clinician holds to make a real, measurable difference in this world.

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    This book needs no introduction. Perhaps one of the most cited business books of all time, this classic is essential reading for anyone in a role where the ability to influence others is a standard part of the role doctors definitely fall into this category. Get the tissues ready for this one.

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    This deep exploration of perhaps one of the most significant questions we all face, is likely to leave you with more questions than answers, but offers a powerful perspective from a man facing his own mortality. The book describes how we let unconscious habits govern most of the decisions we make, and ultimately, our entire lives. But when do these habits start becoming destructive, rather than constructive? A fascinating read for any doctor interested in changing their own, and their patients, habits.

    This book is all about decision-making and proposes that we all make decisions in two ways: fast, intuitive thinking, and slower, rational thinking. The book offers an intriguing insight into the way we subconsciously allow prejudice to influence our decisions and the cognitive shortcuts we use to make judgements.

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    As doctors, we pride ourselves on being rational decision-makers but this book might make you think twice. And if you are at all interested in the ethics of medicine, then the story of Henrietta Lacks is bound to keep you captivated. Do No Harm saw Marsh draw on his 40 years of experience in the operating theatres of St.

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    I just thought my poor children would inherit them all. But as a surgeon you do lead an interesting life, and I thought there might be some interest in it. Before his death, Kalanithi contributed essays about facing his own mortality and his vision for the future of medicine to the New York Times and the Paris Review.

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    She tells the story of hour days and hour weeks, complete with fountains of blood, Kafkaesque bureaucracy, and the constant struggle with limited resources. Best known for his masterpiece, The Master and Margarita, Bulgakov originally wrote these short stories during his time as a graduate doctor, between and The stories were first submitted to medical journals, but later compiled and published in book form in the s. Stories include Morphine and The Speckled Rash which details a diagnosis of syphilis.

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    Bulgakov is just one of many Russian physician-authors. This book, subtitled How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the 20th Century, was published in to critical acclaim. Fong, who is also consultant anaesthetist at UCL Hospitals, has since published two more books in the Extreme series, charting the effects altitude, rare diseases and tracing how far medicine has come in the past few centuries.