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No paywalls. No hidden terms. Prol , counsel to debtor Duro Dyne Corp. Law quotes Jeffrey D. Prol regarding sheet metal equipment and accessories manufacturer Duro Dyne Corp. Among the various problems with the bankruptcy notice program is that many borrowers had never heard of Think Finance, as the company used Native American tribes as the face of the lending operation.

As the bankruptcy lawyer for a putative nationwide class of consumer borrowers, Etkin informed the judge that for the vast majority of these consumer borrowers, it was either class representation or nothing with respect to these bankruptcy claims. Etkin is quoted in Bloomberg , Chicago Tribune , and Law regarding the successful developments for the consumer privacy litigation plaintiffs in the Chapter 7 case involving Cambridge Analytica.

The plaintiffs, Facebook users whose personal data was misused during the presidential campaign, commenced multidistrict class action litigation against both the defunct political consulting firm as well as Facebook and others. Working directly with the court-appointed lead counsel to the putative class, which retention was approved by the district court overseeing the multidistrict litigation, Etkin convinced the court to grant relief from the automatic stay resulting from the Chapter 7 filing in New York and order Cambridge Analytica and its affiliate to preserve documents relevant to the consumer privacy litigation.

The request to conduct an examination of Cambridge Analytica and its affiliate and for the debtors to produce documents related to their financial condition and pre-petition transactions was adjourned by the Court in view of an agreement by the Chapter 7 Trustee to initially produce some documents to the class plaintiffs.

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Law also covered the settlement. Rosen donated funds to cover the cost of installing the statue at the hospital. Bruce D. Arguing that the proposed agreements were in fact severance payments, which is prohibited by the Bankruptcy Code, Buechler pointed out that most of the funds had already been paid. Rosen, who donated funds to cover the cost of installing the statue at the hospital, stated that he believed it would provide sick children with a significant mental health boost.

The U. Representing these representative data breach plaintiffs, Etkin contended that all options were being considered in the Chapter 7 cases to protect the interests of the victims of the data breach and release of personal information. Citing time limits under the U. Bankruptcy Code, Rosen claimed there were issues which prevented the retailer from being able to reorganize. The article lists Jeffrey D. Wojciech F. Reuters quotes Kenneth A. Rosen in an article noting that a senior-level bankruptcy lawyer has been appointed to serve as independent examiner in Cenveo Inc.

Representing the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors, Rosen stated that the protection of creditors would be best met by negotiations of a potential plan of reorganization, as opposed to a Chapter 11 auction. The article lists Kenneth A. Jeffrey Cohen comments in Law on the opposition of the amended sale order by the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the Vitamin World bankruptcy proceedings. Cohen represents the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the vitamin and nutraceutical retailer supplement retailer. Rosen comments on reasons why the traditional structures of bankruptcies have evolved into some form of ownership by lenders.

Rosen states that low interest rates can hide deficiencies, which are not apparent until interest rates rise, exposing a company's inherent problems. Jeffrey Cohen is quoted in Law regarding concerns over the hybrid liquidation and sale plan of bankruptcy for Vitamin World. Cohen represents the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the year old health supplement retailer. Rosen comments on the ownership of intellectual property of retailer Calypso St. Barth in the New York Post.

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Rosen represents creditors in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation. Etkin is quoted in Law regarding his representation as bankruptcy counsel of a putative class of 2. Etkin represents the putative class of patients, which argued, among other things, that the automatic bankruptcy stay be lifted in order allow the data breach litigation pending in Florida to go forward with any recovery limited to available insurance coverage or, in the alternative, that the class proof of claim filed on behalf of the putative class be allowed to proceed in bankruptcy court.

Rosen is quoted in New York Post regarding the involuntary chapter 7 petition filed against luxury apparel retailer Calypso St. Representing the Plumbers and Pipefitters National Pension Fund, the court-appointed lead plaintiff in a federal securities class action pending in the Southern District of New York, Behlmann argued at a joint U.

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  4. As bankruptcy counsel to lead plaintiffs in the securities litigation and the bankruptcy proceedings involving Adeptus Health Inc. Etkin is quoted from the trial and oral arguments in Reorg Research regarding the Adeptus Health confirmation hearing.

    The primary confirmation issues were the standards for substantive consolidation and the impact of the U. Supreme Court's Jevic decision and other relevant case law on a settlement with the equity committee contained in the plan of reorganization. Jeffrey Cohen is quoted in the New York Post regarding the issues facing vendors to continue shipping or withhold further deliveries of merchandise to Toys 'R' Us. Jung is quoted in Reorg Research with respect to a decision issued by a U. In that case Wojciech argued, and the Court agreed, overruling contrary arguments by the government, that the recent U.

    Supreme Court decision in Jevic did not foreclose court approval of agreements resulting in the distribution of funds to junior creditors ahead of senior creditors i. Etkin spoke at a status conference about his concerns regarding the announcement of an agreement between the equity committee, the unsecured creditors' committee, prepetition lender Deerfield, and the debtors. Rosen represents the year-round outdoor-sports resort, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May.

    Bruce S. Nathan is quoted in TVNewsCheck regarding a recent United States Supreme Court decision involving the constitutionality of credit card surcharges being passed on to customers by trade creditors. Rosen comments in Food Dive on some of the aspects of the bankruptcy law in relation to food companies, and explanations for the limited number of chapter 11 filings in the industry. Rosen participated in a webinar concerning new concepts being implemented by retailers in bankruptcy proceedings. Rosen is quoted in Racked. Rosen comments about the importance of superior customer service, and the potential damage to a brand in its absence.

    Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware to improve the communication and coordination between the courts in multinational insolvency proceedings pending in these jurisdictions. Trustee's objection to confirmation of the plan of reorganization in the Caesars' Chapter 11 case, which focuses on the U. Trustee's role as independent watchdog and the propriety of the third-party releases under the plan. Philip J. It was noted that Etkin, representing the securities plaintiffs, confirmed that while various disclosure statement objections were resolved by changes to the disclosure statement and plan of reorganization, he reserved all rights with respect to confirmation of the plan of reorganization and the confirmation hearing, scheduled for November 9, Kenneth noted that several of the recent energy cases were characterized by a quick sale of assets or an exchange of debt for equity, usually not considered traditional reorganizations.

    Supreme Court's affirmance of the elimination of limits on creditors' ability to garner a spousal guarantee. On behalf of defrauded shareholders, Etkin expressed concern that certain notice provisions in connection with the plan of reorganization failed to make purchasers of Molycorp stock aware of the debtor's attempt to release their claims against non-debtor defendants in pending securities litigation.

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    Etkin is bankruptcy counsel to the court-appointed lead plaintiffs in the case. Buechler represents the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. Nathan is quoted in NACM eNews regarding the tenuous financial condition of certain large retailers, and the risks facing credit professionals in when making their credit decisions in sales to such retailers. Rosen represents the bed acute care hospital. Kenneth comments on the importance of preserving the health care options and job opportunities within the community of East Orange.

    Kenneth represents the bed community hospital, which was founded in in Newark and relocated to East Orange in Wojciech represents the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. Bankruptcy Code. Supreme Court's decision to end nearly three and a half years of litigation over unredeemed Borders gift cards in The Wall Street Journal. Rosen represents Barnabas Health, New Jersey's largest hospital chain. Rosen in its feature story regarding current trends in the oil industry.

    Supreme Court to recover the value for gift card holders in the retail bankruptcy of Borders Group Inc. Jeffrey D. Bruce, representing the Borders liquidation trust, calls the petition "meritless. Rosen represents the year-old iconic institution in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Rosen represents the national Social Security disability advocacy firm, which filed for Chapter 11 protection on December Kenneth represents the opera, which hopes to evaluate bids in January.