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Several days later, most of the volunteers returned to the lab and repeated the cycling, walking and electrodes routines. The researchers then fed all of the muscular-activation readouts into a machine-learning software program, which is a type of artificial intelligence. It turned out to be quite adept, accurately recognizing anonymous movement patterns more than 99 percent of the time when using readouts from all eight muscles.


The individual patterns remained recognizable even from one day to the next. The findings are important, Dr. So, quantifying the unique ways in which people walk, pedal or hold a glass could enable scientists to improve and refine robotics, prosthetics, physical therapy and personalized exercise programs.

At a more intimate level, understanding movement signatures conceivably could improve sports training, Dr. Hug says, if it turns out that world-class athletes activate their muscles in ways that can be emulated by those of us who are less swift and graceful.

Movement signatures also might serve as coal-mine canaries for disease or injury risk, he says. He and his colleagues already are studying the relationships between certain muscle-activation patterns and Achilles' tendon problems. But this research is in its infancy.

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Hug cautions. Scientists do not yet know how permanent movement signatures are; if and how they alter with age, weight change or lifestyle; or if it ever will be feasible and affordable for most of us to learn our particular movement signature. But Dr.

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