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Adams also signed a release form for the original edition. In the text on page was modified to include the title of the next book. PC edition with Nancy Drew title list on back cover is scarce. Description of current edition: A series of museum thefts launch the Hardy Boys on this baffling mystery. Rare collections of ancient pirate treasure are being stolen, so Frank and Joe are asked to stake out the Black Parrot, a suspicious freighter docked in Bayport Harbor. This whirlwind chase after a self-styled pirate king in the Caribbean stronghold of the Empire of the Twisted Claw makes a gripping tale of suspense and high adventure..

The original text edition is generally regarded as the worst written story in the canon. Revised: The Hardy Boys track down a gang of jewel thieves in a mysterious old mansion. Description of current edition: Once again Frank and Joe Hardy take on a puzzling case when their famous detective father asks the boys to assist him in tracking down a notorious jewel thief and his accomplices.

The trail leads to the outskirts of the Hardys' home town and to a weirdly guarded mansion on the old Perth estate. With their pal Chet Morton, the brothers must tackle the mystery of the mansion heir's sudden death. A disappearing floor, a huge, savage-looking, hound, a galloping ghost, and a college professor's startling invention are just a few of the strange elements that complicate the boys' efforts to solve both mysteries. Revised: The Boys investigate the disappearance of the speedy hydrofoil ferry, the Flying Express.

Description of current edition: A sleek new hydrofoil is scheduled to start ferrying passengers between Bayport and Cape Cutlass. But business enemies of the hydrofoil owner have stirred up a hornets' nest of violent opposition among small boat owners. Startling developments plunge the teenage detectives into a dangerous chase by sea, air, and land in pursuit of a gang of hardened criminals who operate by the signs of the Zodiac.

Hardy's skilled operative. Peril stalks Frank and Joe's every moves as they hunt down the terrifying gangleader Zodiac Zig and his vicious henchmen. The Hardy Boys break up a truck hijacking ring and solve the mystery of the theft of Arthur Barker's swords.

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Description of current edition: Frank and Joe Hardy become involved in an intriguing mystery which revolves around their fencing master, Ettore Russo. Proof that Russo is the rightful heir to his grandfather's estate hinges on retrieving the guard end of a broken saber lost many years ago in California. The young investigators' quest is complicated by a bank robbery during which some of their father's important records are stolen.

A chase ensues in the grape-growing region of California as the boys engage in a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with the bank robbery gang. Another source indicates Andrew Svenson as author of the revised edition. PC editions lacking the white over-printing on the back cover are scarce.

The Hardy Boys solve the mystery of Asa Grable's missing silk moths and the theft of construction materials. Revised: The Boys investigate mysterious plane crashes and contraband uranium isotopes. Description of current edition: Two unexplainable plane crashes near an airport on the East Coast plunge Frank and Joe Hardy into a bizarre case.


From the moment Frank and Joe find a radioactive engine in an airplane junkyard, unexpected dangers strike like lightning. Despite the repeated attempts on their lives, the teenage detectives pursue their investigation, discovering two vital clues and others that provide the solution to one of the most baffling mysteries the boys and Mr.

Hardy have ever encountered.

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The Hardy Boys foil a coin counterfeiting ring who are stealing valuable rare coins and melting them down to make counterfeits of circulating coinage. Description of current edition: Frank and Joe Hardy suspect that their best friend Chet Morton is the victim of a summer school swindle and offer to help get his money back. A startling connection between the Zoar College swindle and the theft of the Seneca's gold tribal relic Spoon Mouth propels the teenage sleuths into a series of perplexing and dangerous situations.

Finally by the fall, the book was completed although he still hadn't sent in the release form. Harriet S. In minor modifications were made to the text. Another source indicates David Grambs wrote the revision. The Hardy Boys head to Hudson Bay to solve the theft of radio parts. Revised: The Hardy Boys go to Canada to solve the theft of stuffed animals and break up an industrial spy ring. Description of current edition: When thieves hijack a collection of stuffed animals from a country auction, Frank and Joe Hardy pursue the getaway car and are drawn into a thrilling mystery.

At the same time, the young detectives' father-famed private investigator Fenton Hardy-is tracking down an industrial spy ring.

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This suspense-filled story of pursuit and detection will keep the reader breathlessly following the chain of unexpected developments that lead Frank and Joe to the spine-tingling climax in the wilds of Northern Canada. Adams also signed a release form for the revised edition.

The Hardy Boys solve a kidnapping mystery at the weird Mead House, which lacks both door knobs and hinges. Description of current edition: Another exciting mystery begins for Frank and Joe when they help a stranger who has had an accident with his car. The man introduces himself as John Mead, owner of a nearby estate. But when the Hardy boys find an odd-looking house key and try to return it, they realize that John Mead died five years ago!

They are even more amazed when they find that the intricately carved doors in the deserted mansion have no visible knobs or keylocks. What happens when Frank and Joe discover that there is a link between their father's case of thieves and the mysterious Mead mansion will keep the reader on edge with thrills and suspense. In his autobiography McFarlane claimed authorship of this story.

Was interupted in the middle of the job by a dental operation that meant the loss of 22 teeth at one fell swoop. At any rate you should have it by the end of the week. Andrew Svenson edited and did rewriting of the Baker-Carr revised manuscript. The Hardy Boys break up a smuggling ring which uses the mysterious, disappearing "Phantom Freighter".

Description of current edition: When eccentric Thaddeus McClintock invites Frank and Joe Hardy to accompany him on a sea voyage, the teenage investigators become entangled in a web of mystery. Who is trying to block the three from securing reservation on freighter ships that carry passengers? The determined efforts of Frank and Joe lead to a hazardous game of wits with a ring of slippery smugglers and to a dramatic confrontation on the high seas.

Here is an exciting, action-filled mystery that will keep the reader on edge with suspense. The Hardy Boys solve the mysterious disappearance of water from the Tarnack Reservoir. Description of current edition: There is a crisis in Bayport! Soon the city will be without water! Every night, water strangely disappears from the new reservoir near Skull Mountain.

Frank and Joe Hardy join forces with a team of skilled engineers to solve the baffling mystery.

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Description of current edition: With only the slender clue of an arrow-shaped tie clasp, Frank and Joe Hardy pick up the trail of a cunning gang of thieves responsible for a wave of jewelry-store holdups. But their investigations are interrupted when a desperate plea for help comes from their widowed cousin who lives on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. Description of current edition: Difficult assignments are nothing new to the Hardy boys and this one that takes them to the Deep South is particularly challenging.

Their mission: to vindicate a long-dead Confederate general, disgraced during the Civil War because he was accused of stealing hidden gold belonging to a bank. Skillfully avoiding booby traps and flying bullets, the boys persevere in their perilous quest. The arduous search is full of surprises that will thrill all fans of the Hardy boys. Minor text revision on page 36 changing "Frank" to "Joe" in The Hardy Boys go to the woods to break up the smuggling gang of South American revolutionary, Renaldo.

Description of current edition: Caught in their motorboat the Sleuth by a sudden storm at sea, Frank and Joe Hardy are relieved to see the lights of a yacht.

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But their SOS ignored. The shrill sound of a siren fills the night air and moments later a helicopter drops an object alongside the Sleuth: a wallet containing two thousand dollars! The next day, a truck carrying a shipment of high-powered rifles has been stolen. These two apparently unconnected events are clues in a tangle of mystery which turns out to be one of the detective brothers' most exciting adventures.

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Sanderson's deed to a valuable oil property. Description of current edition: An invitation from Cap Bailey, science teacher at Bayport High, to accompany him out West to Wildcat Swamp on an archaeological expedition triggers off a series of dangerous events for Frank and Joe Hardy. On their way West the boys and Cap have a near-fatal accident in a private plane which has been sabotaged.

Though warned to leave the area, Frank, Joe, and Cap doggedly remain until they have caught the cunning ex-convicts they are up against in this swift-paced adventure. Description of current edition: When a man selling leather goods door-to-door steals the key to their detective father's file cabinet, Frank and Joe Hardy set out to track him down.

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An odd mark on a key case which the man sold to their mother leads the teenage sleuths to an Indian village, whose chiefs begs them to help him find valuable tribal possessions and the deed for his land. How Frank and Joe find the missing deed and Ramapan treasures, how they prevent the phony leather-goods salesman from carrying out a ruthless scheme and how they help their father solve the top-secret case he is working on for the U.

The Hardy Boys go to the Woodson Academy to solve the mystery of a missing will. Description of current edition: The famous young detectives Frank and Joe Hardy are caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue when they agree to help Greg Woodson search for his grandfather's missing will. When Henry Kurt, the temporary headmaster of Woodson Academy, insists that he is to inherit the property from Greg's grandfather, the case becomes even trickier.

Frank and Joe must risk their lives several times before they solve the mystery of Yellow Feather and trap a sinister criminal who will stop at nothing - even murder - to satisfy his greed for money. Pre PC editions with blank endpapers are scarce. The Hardy Boys solve a kidnapping and break up a gang smuggling illegal Indian aliens. Description of current edition: The young detectives receive a trained peregrine falcon as a gift that involves them in an exciting mystery.

Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979)

Imagine their astonishment when the swift-flying falcon brings down a homing pigeon carrying two precious rubies! Startling events that ensue indicate the gems are a ransom that has been paid for the release of a kidnapped student from India, who had come to the United States to complete his education. But Tava, the son of a wealthy industrialist, is still being held captive.