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Richrad Koob, founder of Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii shares his experiences in founding the largest and most influential retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii, where many thousands of guests and volunteers have experienced extraordinary transformations in their lives in the forty plus years of its existence. Tarot Digest: The Authentic Self In Tarot Digest no.

Guide to Tarot Mastery by Jim Larsen

Included are the 7 of swords, 5 of wands, the Star card reversed, and the combined energy of the Devil and the Magician. Tarot Digest: Journeys and Destinations In Tarot Digest issue 3, Jim Larsen explores the idea of life as a journey. Is there a beginning?

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Is there an end? What are the mile markers? What is in the space between these mile markers? Issue 3 of Tarot Digest uses tarot cards to explore the journey of our life.

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Jim Larsen examines emotional pain and how tarot cards can be utilized in the healing process. Subjects include, The Devil card reversed and how to get unstuck from the shadows, the 10 of Swords and how being stuck in our head causes pain, and what happens when the Tower falls and how to to get untrapped from the rubble.

It seeks to illustrate all possibilities of human experience in one deck of cards.

The Minor Arcana is more similar to a deck of regular playing cards although it contains different "suits" and additional cards. In a reading, these cards tend to reflect the more everyday situations and experiences of a person.

The Major Arcana is another beast altogether. Each card represents a significant leap forward in development. When lots of these cards show up in a reading, you know that a critical psychological turning point has been reached. Think big changes and choices. An exploration of Tarot is an examination of yourself from every angle.

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There are profound teachings on passion, action, surrender, and beyond. It can help you become the wild dancing star that you are — or, at the very least, it can help you gracefully come to terms with the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Reading Tarot Cards - The Fool's Journey

Its imagery is often poetic, containing a myriad of potential meanings. Here you will find definitions of each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. They are not exhaustive; consider them more like springboards and invite your imagination to the party. Or follow me on Instagram for daily tarot inspiration. Think back to this past June. Booksmart was in theaters.