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For an unwed woman and man to live openly together But there was something else: she was a woman of the world too, a woman, clearly, who had lived'.

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Sophie Woodville's return to Wenham, the thriving A young girl in s New Zealand dreams of achieving her aspirations, but at what cost? The new novel from the ever-popular author - Sasha, the attractive and inspiring tutor of an evening class, is tired of her sterile relationship. It began as a day like any other. A near-fatal car crash leaves her hospitalized and her daughter, Alex, returns home An early previously unpublished novel from one of Britain's best-loved storytellers World War II is raging across Europe, but the enclosed, sheltered community of the Convent of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is untouched by world events.

The nu Clare Trafford's work on a biography of Joan of Arc seems like a welcome escape from her crumbling marriage.

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In the town of Port St Pierre is the Chateau des Moulins, home of the de Frigecourts, an aristocratic French family plagued by misfortune. An atmospheric novel of romantic suspense from a well-loved storyteller When Jocasta Oaks arrives in the small Yorkshire village of Coppitts Green she is full of excitement at taking up her new job as assistant schoolteacher, and at being reunited wi It is the summer of and Ed Hallam and the beautiful Maisie celebrate their marriage in great style at Ryland Castle.

Peg Hallam, once the gardener's daughter, is now apparently secure in her new role as Lady Ryland After years of various tribula It is and twenty-one year old Peg Hallam has come to London from rural Dorset to carve a career for herself in the busy world of Fleet street journalism. She is sharing a fiat with her eldest sister Verity, a hospital nursing sister, who is dete Tina and Steve seem like the golden couple: rich, good looking with everything they could want except a child of their own.

Tina is a very beautiful but temperamental former model, Steve a successful businessman with international interests, but he a In the early s beautiful Cathy Read was widowed. Since then she has struggled to make ends meet and to feed and clothe her three young daughters, and the outbreak of war in brings new stresses to the family. But Cathy's daughters have their Based on a true story, a captivating tale of passionate love and violent death in s Dorset. In , Martha Brown was publicly hanged for the brutal murder of her husband. Among those who witnessed her death was a sixteen-year-old local lad, and The latest volume of the heartwarming People of the Paris saga Alexander Martyn is instantly drawn to pretty, but unsuitable, Mary Sprogett - and their rapidly forming attachment incurs his mother's anger.

When the couple elope, a Pandora's box is op Sam and Barbara had that rare thing: an amicable divorce. And even though Sam has married again, to a bright, sexy, ambitious banker called Frankie, he and Barbara are bound together by their past, their three children and the affection of many years Sixteen years is a long time. But as Bart Sadler and Sophie Turner gaze at each other across a crowded room, memories come flooding back. Pleasant memories for one; terrifying for the other, Bart Sadler had always been the black sheep of the Dorset Karen Blackwood is not quite sure what she will find in Hammersleigh, her childhood home, when she returns there after the death of her husband.

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With powerful but misleading memories of childhood to guide her, she begins a new life, and discovers that Rebecca had just got engaged to the dynamic Max, much to the relief of all concerned, but when she becomes sidelined by Max's high flying job and alienated from her family and friends she begins to wonder whether she has done the right thing. From th Sir Matt Ransom is happily married to Elspeth, a woman who has loved and supported him in his climb up the ladder of success. Bearce, by challenge. Wizard v. Danish champions, for truage of the Slavs. Ubbe, for truage of the Slavs. Coll v.

Horwendill, on challenge.

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Athisl v. Frowine, meeting in battle. Ket and Wig, on challenge. Uffe v. Prince of Saxony and Champion, by challenge.

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Froger, on challenge. Eric v. Grep's brethren, on challenge, twelve a side. Alrec, by challenge. Hedin v.

Hogni, the mythic everlasting battle. Arngrim v. Scalc, by challenge.

The Enchantress Series

Egtheow, for truage of Permland. Arrow-Odd and Hialmar v. Ane Bow-swayer v. Beorn, by challenge. Starkad v. Wisin, by challenge. Tanlie, by challenge. Wasce—Wilzce, by challenge. Hame, by challenge. Angantheow and eight of his brethren, on challenge. Halfdan v. Hardbone and six champions, on challenge. Egtheow, by challenge.

Grim, on challenge.

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Ebbe, on challenge, by moonlight. Twelve champions, on challenge. Hildeger, on challenge. Ole v. Skate and Hiale, on challenge. Homod and Thole v. Beorn and Thore, by challenge. Gaut, on challenge. Ragnar and three sons v. Starcad of Sweden and seven sons, on challenge. A "will" is spoken of. This seems to be the solemn declaration of a childless man to his kinsfolk, recommending some person as his successor.

Nothing more was possible before written wills were introduced by the Christian clergy after the Roman fashion. But the beginnings were dim, and there were simply traditions of good and bad lawyers of the past; such were "Sciold" first of all the arch-king, "Frode" the model lawgiver, "Helge" the tyrant, "Ragnar" the shrewd conqueror. His fame is as widely spread. However, the only law Saxo gives to him has a story to it that he does not plainly tell. Sciold had a freedman who repaid his master's manumission of him by the ingratitude of attempting his life.

Sciold thereupon decrees the unlawfulness of manumissions, or as Saxo puts it , revoked all manumissions, thus ordaining perpetual slavery on all that were or might become slaves. The heathen lack of pity noticed in Alfred's preface to "Gregory's Handbook" is illustrated here by contrast with the philosophic humanity of the Civil Law, and the sympathy of the mediaeval Church.