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Read More. Mindful eating often starts with a kinder outlook toward ourselves. From there, we're in a better position to make decisions about foods that satisfy hunger. Practicing gratitude can be a game-changer: it has far reaching effects, from improving our mental health to boosting our relationships with others.

Breathing exercises could help those with ADHD and traumatic brain injuries

Explore ways you can be more appreciative in our mindful guide to gratitude. About the author.

It is not easy to focus my mind on the breath but the more I practice, the better I become. Still, some days are more difficult than others. Please keep it coming..

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It turns out that I was holding my breath at critical stressful times in the wave… No bueno!!!! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Focus On Your Breathing Zen meditators often concentrate on their breathing to stay alert, and keep their minds from drifting into memories or concerns about the future.

Breathing meditations - How to Meditate

Previous How to Escape Mediocrity. About The Author. Christopher R. Edgar Chris Edgar helps people find focus, motivation and peace in their work through his writing, workshops and private coaching. Related Posts. Vlad Dolezal on March 4, at am. Chris Edgar on March 4, at am.

Martin - TheUniversityBlog on March 4, at am. If a little breathing goes a long way, imagine how far a deep breath can take us!

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Hilary on March 4, at am. Armen Shirvanian on March 4, at am. Hi Christopher. Chris Edgar on March 4, at pm. Dan Anxiety Support Network on March 4, at pm. Wilma Ham on March 4, at pm. Love Wilma Reply. Tara Sophia Mohr on March 5, at am. Chris Edgar on March 5, at am. Nea Self Improvement Saga on March 5, at am. Chris These are some excellent breathing tips.

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Pursed-Lips Breathing

Thanks for the reminder here!! Chris Edgar on March 5, at pm. Curt Rosengren on March 5, at pm. By noticing where your mind is when it has wandered off, you become more aware of your patterns: things you consistently think or worry about, and that helps you to break the unhelpful patterns. You become more self-aware.

5 Ways to Practice Breath-Focused Meditation

You breath is a nexus between your mind, body and emotions. When you become more aware of your breath you become more aware of how you feel. This helps you to develop emotional intelligence. By learning to not react instantly to your thoughts, feelings and impulses, you develop a greater ability to choose your response to them. You develop a greater ability to be intentional about what you do during the day, rather than just being swept along by the river.

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My practicing bringing your mind back to your breath, which is always in the present moment, you develop a greater ability to stay present rather than getting caught up in thinking about the past and future. This helps you to experience life more fully, to listen better, to learn more from each moment and to see things for what they are rather than what you expect or imagine them to be.