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As to what the book was actually about, damn if I could remember. Anyway, I purchased the first four Viking hardcovers and the last three in the series under the Donald E. Grant publication logo. Then, they sat on my bookshelf while I debated when to start reading them. I mean some of these Dark Tower novels are five and six hundred pages long. This was going to be a major project. Finally, I started The Gunslinger, reading it as a much older individual than I had been in the early eighties.

That said, I did like the book and it still amazes me that a twenty-two-year-old originally wrote it forty years ago. As the book opens up, the Gunslinger is weeks, or maybe just days, behind the Man in Black. He is crossing the West and quickly approaching the opened desert that breeds little in the way of life. When the Gunslinger enters the town of Tull, he quickly discovers the Man in Black has already been through the tiny community and has left a few surprises.

Needless to say, the Gunslinger barely makes it out of town alive as the residents rise up against him. Continuing on with his journey, the Gunslinger soon approaches a Way Station at the point where the harsh, looming desert is about to begin.

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Whatever else the Gunslinger might be, there is a sense of compassion in him that refuses to leave Jake alone at the station. This compassion, however, falters at the end. Anyway, he chooses to take the boy with him on his quest, not knowing what will soon be in store for them.

The trek through the desert takes weeks and soon leads to mountains and underground caverns that work their way through the granite and travel in the same direction as an underground river. The story had been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was heartbreaking to see such wonderful material wasted. Of the film, Lloyd Alexander remarked: "First, I have to say, there is no resemblance between the movie and the book.

Having said that, the movie in itself, purely as a movie, I found to be very enjoyable. On March 17, , Variety confirmed that Walt Disney Pictures had re-acquired the film rights to The Chronicles of Prydain , with the intention to adapt the book series into an epic motion picture series, more attuned to Lloyd Alexander's high fantasy world. The project is currently in early development at the Walt Disney Studios with no director, producer, or screenwriter attached yet. Early in the s, Listening Library Random House produced an unabridged reading by James Langton of the five main volumes, with author's notes read by Lloyd Alexander himself.

The audiobooks were published on compact audio cassette and compact disc, and were also released for download from to This edition was also read by James Langton.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Children's literature portal. Inspection supports the implication that dedication and author's note date from Retrieved Select a title to see its linked publication history and general information. Select a particular edition title for more data at that level, such as a front cover image or linked contents. Some contents details have been ascertained by examination. Association for Library Service to Children. American Library Association. Taran Wanderer. New York: Henry Holt and Company. The Book of Three.

Archived from the original on Lloyd Alexander: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press. Cornelia Meigs ed. A Critical History of Children's Literature. Macmillan US. A Fuse 8 Production.

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School Library Journal blog. If he fails, all creation will dissolve.

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And so he must dare anything to succeed, even trespass a realm of terrible darkness, pain, and dread sorcery - Earth. The Lady of the Garden, one of the godlike Nameless Ones, has used her magic to dream into existence the worlds of the Bright Shore. But now her unborn child lies motionless in her womb. Life got real complicated, real quick for Skyy Huntington. A few months ago she was wandering around in a cemetery snapping photos looking for ghosts.

Now she finds herself submerged headfirst into a world filled with vampires and magic. Surviving the ultimate transformation and the Agnoses predators, Camryn now faces the rise of a new Mazikeen Queen who thinks nothing of calling the darkness for her own needs.

The Dragonlance Chronicles Reread: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Chapters 1 and 2 |

With the forest people on the brink of war, she retreats to the solitude of the Cloud Forests. To grieve.

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To heal. To accept she is the chameleon of prophecy. But the ancient world proves to be anything but quiet, and she is far from alone. Although he was not famous during his lifetime, his work is now considered a classic of literature. Lovecraft's work has influenced many authors, including Stephen King, who considers him "the greatest craftsman of the classic horror story of the 20th century. How much blood is one man worth? Terrence Mack has succeeded in keeping his freedom, but at what cost?

The Vicereine of Florence is dead. The city she ruled has fallen to chaos, under assault by both Twilight Zone agents and a seemingly unstoppable dragon determined to claim the template's power for herself. Callie Penrose is struggling to find her special purpose in life. Rather than allying with any of the powerful supernatural groups begging to sign her up - the Vatican, the vampires, the shifters, or the Armies of both Heaven and Hell - Callie has been picking fights with all of them. Myth decides to end her life when a horrible prank makes her the laughingstock of the whole school.

But a desperate wish beckons her to the fae kingdom of Yearning, where she meets the handsome fae Prince Vesper. Every full moon for three mortal days, Myth gets to live the life of a fairy-tale princess in Yearning, a life she has always wanted. Perfect as it seems, something dark lurks within Yearning. Myth soon realizes some wishes have deadly consequences. Her cat, Lena, survives. Lena could provide an accurate account of the crime, but the county sheriff is unlikely to interview a pet.

You know, there are some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. This was one of those days. My head hurt. There was blood everywhere. My ship was shot full of holes and leaking more gases and fluids than a Chevy Vega I should have just pulled the sheets up and rolled over when I had the chance When the last man on Earth reveals he has a nuclear weapon pointed at the tiny Martian colony, the colonists can only survive by working together.