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Help us double the number of people meeting Holocaust Survivors from 50, to , people per year. The multifacted Holocaust Survivors Speaker program includes presentations to school field trip groups, special youth programs, public visitors, professional development programs, as well as off site at schools, community centers, military bases, colleges and universities, and for incarcerated populations. Skype programs connect Survivors with remote schools across the country and around the world.

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Devoted MOT staff coordinate transportation, nourishment, birthday celebrations, get well visits, social events and ongoing support for the distinct needs of this population. Supporting this time sensitive campaign educates the next generation to learn from history.


It also honors the Holocaust Survivors themselves with the knowledge that their stories are heard and their experiences will not be in vain. Hope lives. Last entrance is pm.

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Click Here for Adjusted Hours of Operation. Yes No. Ali was right where she belonged, but every time she turned around her new colleagues were trying to force her to live up to their views of how women in firefighting should act.

Despite the subject matter, this is not just a book for firefighters. A fire house is merely the backdrop for the story that took place in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Ali's struggle and eventual success will resonate deeply in the soul of humankind. This story will certainly reach across all racial, cultural and gender divides to that universal place inside all of us where hope lives. Buy Where Hope Lives.