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Nightmares shift, blood flows in rivers and humanity responds with strange mercy, humour and a desperate appetite for love.

Full of wisdom and light. His work is dark and daring while, at turns, also humorous and tender. This collection cements his position as one of the UK's finest short story writers.

The work-write balance: five authors talk about balancing the books

Every sentence is another shot of beauty, of mystery and mastery. How does he do it? You can read his stories over and over - you will always return for more.

This fifth collection proves, yet again, he is a master of the short story. Across the volume, characters are caughts between the uncertain future and the shadow of the past.

Finding balance with informatin overload

Constantine's rolling sentences create their own world that catches the imagination. It's deliriously beautiful!


Robert Lennon , you need this book on your bedside table. This radiant collection of short stories features a set of flawed yet sympathetic women in a whole mess of compromising positions.

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First-time author Katherine Heiny takes great care to make her characters relatable even in their imperfections. She paints sweetly resonant moments that also can be very funny. These interconnected stories set in Russia span more than 70 years.

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His job is to airbrush images of political dissenters out of photographs and paintings. One of the dissenters is his younger brother, Vaska.

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