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Who knows what hellfire — and who cares? No surprise there. The Catholic Workers in Baltimore heard it with interest and found it serious enough to discuss. A fellow songwriter claimed that I was relying too much on the gospel of John.

As an inspiration to die resisting tyranny or to turn the other cheek to oppression; to take up arms for socialism, or against it. The truth is that humans have to decide for themselves what kind of society is best and how to achieve it. The Romans were the masters when Jesus walked the land In Judaea and in Galilee they ruled with an iron hand.

The poor were sick with hunger and the rich were clothed in splendour And the rebels whipped and crucified hung rotting as a warning. Said, Love your enemies. But Judas was a Zealot and he wanted to be free.

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So stand up, stand up for Judas and the cause that Judas served It was Jesus who betrayed the poor with his word. Jesus was a conjuror, miracles were his game And he fed the hungry thousands and they glorified his name. He cured the lame and the leper. He calmed the wind and the weather. And the wretched flocked to touch him so their troubles would be taken.

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And Jesus knew the answer. All you who labour, all you who suffer Only believe in me. But Judas sought a world where no-one starved or begged for bread. The poor are always with us, Jesus said. Jesus brought division where none had been before Not the slaves against their masters but the poor against the poor. Set son to rise up against father, and brother to fight against brother For he that is not with me is against me was his teaching. Said Jesus, I am the answer, You unbelievers shall burn forever Shall die in your sins.

Not sheep and goats, said Judas, but together we may dare Shake off the chains of misery we share. Jesus stood upon the mountain with a distance in his eyes. I am the way the life, he cried, the light that never dies. So renounce all earthly treasures and pray to your heavenly Father And he pacified the hopeless with the hope of life eternal.

So Jesus preached the other world but Judas wanted this And he betrayed his master with a kiss. The heretics burned and tortured, the butchering bloody crusaders. The bombs and rockets sanctified that rained down death from heaven. They followed Jesus. They knew the answer. All non-believers must be believers Or else be broken. So put no trust in saviours, Judas said, for everyone Must be to his or her own self a sun.

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Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Leon Rosselson Follow. Write the first response. Discover Medium. The local Judean authorities deliver Jesus to the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, who arranges crucifixion, a Roman method of dealing with crimes against the empire. In this scene, Judas attempts to return thirty pieces of silver he had been paid prior to the betrayal, but the authorities in the temple refuse to touch it.

The barren impurity of Judas is more important to Acts than is the issue of Jewish culpability. The Gospels address his motivation in two ways, both of them theological. One explanation is that Satan entered into Judas, in effect possessing him Luke On the other hand, in the story of the Last Supper, Jesus says that one of those eating with him will hand him over as part of his necessary course to death Luke So side by side with the explanation of Satanic possession, there is another, involving divine necessity. It has Jesus hand Judas a piece of food, telling him to act quickly, and says that from that moment Satan entered into Judas John These divergent theological explanations reflect the ambivalence in the Greek word used to describe Judas as a betrayer.

By the time that Judas consulted with Caiaphas, the Roman-appointed high priest, Jesus had stormed into the temple with his followers and upset commercial arrangements there Mark , Matt , Luke , John Jesus compounded this direct challenge to the most central religious institution of his time with a claim to set up an alternative sacrifice. Jesus had long taken part in fellowship meals with followers.

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  • But after his occupation of the temple, he began to say over the wine, "This is my blood," and over the bread, "This is my body" Matt , Mark , Luke , 1Cor , 1Cor This claim to replace ordinary sacrifice disturbed many of the disciples, Judas included John , because it displaced the Jerusalem temple as the central focus of worship in Judaism.

    Judas sought an opportunity to inform the priests when Jesus would be close enough to the temple so that their police could seize him. But the high priest had no authority to crucify: that was a uniquely Roman means of execution. When Sejanus was toppled from power and killed, Pilate needed to make common cause with Caiaphas for political reasons.

    Although his full motivations cannot be known precisely, Judas may have wished to do no more than frighten his teacher back to Galilee, away from the controversies in Jerusalem.

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    Bruce Chilton, "Judas", n. Bruce Chilton Professor, Bard College. The Gospel of Judas is a second-century Sethian Gnostic gospel that portrays the disciple Judas as the demonic double of the chief archon, Ialdabaoth, who works in opposition to the transcendent God worshiped by the Gnostics.

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    Jerusalem, the most prominent city in the Bible, is the source of historical debates and the object of religious devotion. Jesus is presented in the Gospels as a person of extraordinary significance for faith, religion, and history. The disciple Judas begins to be depicted as a treacherous villain in the New Testament, where he identifies Jesus to the Roman soldiers with a kiss. Although Judeo-Christian tradition condemns suicide, the Bible never explicitly prohibits it; the characters who kill themselves are sometimes considered to have died noble deaths.

    Paula Fredricksen on how suicide became a sin during the early Christian debates about martyrdom. Jesus Cleanses the Temple 12Then Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who were selling and buying in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money View more. The Institution of the Lord's Supper 26While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to the disciples, and said Do cloned beings have souls?

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    And, would you clone yourself to gain eternal life? But he does. It would make a terrific movie. Vince Vicini takes us on a fantastic journey around the globe in this incredible fusion of espionage, biotechnology, martial arts, Christianity, and commando action. Judas of Rome is a larger than life story with compelling characters in a struggle for the highest stakes possible. Wagner, Ph.