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Maggie oversees the development of Scholastic. A short fish tale on helping others and protecting the environment featuring Iridis, the Longfin Anthias Pseudanthias ventralis ventralis.

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Renee the friendly cloud. Canelo's Story. A lady who encounters problems with her dog because she does not how to use suffixes and prefixes. Doge's Digestive System. Political spectrum from a kid's perspective. Covers the 9 main forms of government.

The Adventures of Zoom. Zoe's Garden of Color. A young girl's exploration of colors as told by working with her family in their garden. Sharing is Caring. A Colorful World. The Worst Day Ever. Good Health.

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The Brave Girl and Scared Monster. Camila and the Tooth Fairy. Oscar and BB's Merry Christmas. A fun story about how BB and Oscar became friends and discovered inner talents. Multiplication Madness.

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Oliver the Piglet. The Blue Mouse. The Horrible Bearzilla. Bearzilla is a mean lonely animal. Will he be willing to change his attitude in order to make friends? Don't be Scared, Scarlet! The Little Prince. The Crab Prince. Roses Red, Roses White. Vegetable Soup A to Z. A retelling of the classic tale of Jack and the Bean-Stalk with a kind young heroine named Jacqueline.

After Jacqueline's mother becomes ill, a chance encounter with a beggar leads her on a journey up the bean-stalk. Pinky and Jones. A Monkey and a Pineapple find a magic bottle, a genie What will they wish for? Be careful Maybe it was made for tv only. It was 1 of my fav. Hey folks, I need your help! I remember about years ago, i watched a movie, but the name has slipped my tongue. It either begins with G or F. Hope you can help me! Looking for a lost dog movie.

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That is all I remember. Homeward bound 1 is in the list above, and Lost in san francisco is number 2. I thought at first it was Benji Movie,.. The dog tries finding owner and it runs out the airpot and a plan flys over the dog I believe. It was like Benji like dog and a child lets it out and meets other dogs inculding a Husky! She says it begins with a small dog possibly a highland terrier being thrown out of a limo on a bridge and that he goes to a house where these 2 dogs live and one of them is a scientist.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you. I am looking for a specific movie where the main dog is a German Shepherd.

Hi, I am looking for the same movie Kat is looking for. If you know the title could you let me know. Thanks so much! Dont forget some of these movies : Radio Flyer-Two little brothers move with their mom and her new boyfriend. Their best friend Shane is a German Shepherd. The Dog Who Saved Christmas-The man gets a yellow lab retriever and the dog was scared to bark but ended up protecting the house. There is also another too called The Dog who saved Christmas vacation.

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Castle Rock-A girl goes with her Grandpa to look after something and when he has a stroke, her and his German Shepherd cross pathes with a runaway from the cops. TheBreed-A thriller movie about a bunch of teenagers who go out to a vacation house and cross paths with a pack of wild dogs who are trying to get them, when they end of thinking they escaped the dogs wont let them go. GoldenChristmas-When a women finds out the house that was once her home is being sold she tries to ruin a mans chance to have it, but when they find out that they were once best friends as kids by the help of a golden retriever all ends well.

His owners brother comes and the dog sences something bad about this guy, turns out the guy was a werewolf and the dog tried to help. When they thought the dog was attacking for no reason he gets sent to the Humane Society. But when the man comes back to kill the family the dog has to get back in time. To everone who was helping me out ,Thanks.

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I finally went to another site and found it. The movie I am looking for is about a dog traveling home by itself.

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During the movie, the dog also meets another dog, but that dog is hit by either a train or a car. I know this movie is NOT animated. It is also an old movie. It is possible that it could be a Benji movie, but I am yet to find a Benji movie with these scenes in it — so it might not be. Any ideas? The movies need to have dogs that are sometimes cranky as well as content. No horror.