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It is among the most famous and recognizable tangos of all time. The Tango Museum of Montevideo stands currently on that historic spot. This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in Events January—September — L. Enanitos Verdes Literally "Little green dwarfs", roughly equivalent to the English phrase "Little green men" is a rock trio from Argentina, formed in in the city of Mendoza. History The band started in , with Marciano Cantero bass guitar, keyboards and vocals , Felipe Staiti guitar and Daniel Piccolo drums.

That same year, they performed throughout the Cuyo region. Later they traveled to Buenos Aires to record a demo, with unusable results that were never released. In spite of this failure, they continued doing shows in Mendoza and in Buenos Aires. Embrioni left the band in The album included songs such as "Tus viejas cartas" "Your old let.

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It was directed by Eduardo Martinez de la Pera, who shared credit with Humberto Cairo, the producer, and Ernesto Gunche, the cinematographer. He hires Juan, a noble gaucho that tames horses for a living, to aid him in his search. Juan decides to go uptown and rescue her; a fellow ranch hand, Don Genaro, tags along. Juan and Don Genaro try to go by cart to Buenos Aires, but the vehicle gets stuck, so they take the train instead.

Once in Buenos Aires, they ask for directions and end up chasing a fleeing streetcar that takes them all the way to Gran's mansion. Don Genaro gets in troubl. Francisco Canaro November 26, — December 14, was a Uruguayan violinist and tango orchestra leader.

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His parents, Italians emigrated to Uruguay, and later — when Francisco Canaro was less than 10 years old, they emigrated to Buenos Aires Argentina in the late nineteenth century. As a young man and found work in a factory, where an empty oil can would, in his skilled hands, become his first violin. Performing in seedy bars initially, he ultimately forged a career that spanned many decades, and his orchestra was one of the most recorded. Canaro and his orchestra, c.

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He is the author of fourteen novels, seven collections of essays, an extensive journalistic work, together with a series of short stories and poems. His narrative fiction has received several distinguished awards. The last installment of the trilogy, El largo.

The gaucho is a national symbol in Argentina and Uruguay, but is also a strong culture in the far south region of Brazil. Gauchos became greatly admired and renowned in legends, folklore and literature and became an important part of their regional cultural tradition. Beginning late in the 19th century, after the heyday of the gauchos, they were celebrated by South American writers. The gaucho in some respects resembled members of other nineteenth century rural, horse-based cultures such as the North American cowboy vaquero in Spanish , the Chilean huaso, the Peruvian chalan or morochuco, the Venezuelan or Colombian llanero, the Hawaiian paniolo,[1] the Mexican charro or the Portuguese campino.

He got his son to have a good education with private teachers who taught him philosophical and scientific knowledge of his time. References Sosa de Newton, Lily Diccionario Biografico de Mujeres Argentinas. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra. Giuliano Victor de Paula born 31 May , simply known as Giuliano, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Saudi Professional League team Al Nassr and the Brazilian national team as an attacking midfielder.

In , Giuliano was signed by Internacional, and made his debut on 2 November that year. On 18 August , with his team mates, he won the Copa Libertadores. Beating Chivas 3—2 at home he also scored in the game. Becho was not attributed to this Uruguayan musician. The term Becho is given to another Uruguayan violinist.

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  4. He studied architecture, but did not complete the course. It became one of the most recognizable tango pieces, though Matos was initially too shy to play the piece himself and it became well-known through the performance of others. He travelled widely throughout Europe and stayed in Paris for a time, as well as working as Uruguaya. Ignacio Corsini February 3, — July 26, was an Italian-born Argentine folklore and tango musician. Life and work Andrea Corsini, such his real name, was born in Agira, a village in the Enna Province of Sicily, in He was foster son of Soccorza Salomone.

    Salomone left Italy for Buenos Aires, Argentina in , and settled in the middle-class Almagro section of the city. They settled in Carlos Tejedor, then a small pampas town where Corsini would spend the remainder of his childhood, finding work as an ox cart driver and herdsman. Pacheco introduced him to the theatre and to his own daughter, Victoria Pacheco, whom Corsini would marry in He went on to perform in numerous theatre companies and circuses, and in , he was awarded a recording contract by RCA Victor.

    His interpretation of traditional folklore standards earned h. The film premiered in Argentina on 27 April Juancho, el buen muchacho[1] References Couselo, Jorge Miguel El negro Ferreyra, un cine por instinto in Spanish 1. Buenos Aires: Editorial Freeland. Retrieved 18 Dec His work represents gauchesco scenes with a bit of humor. Biography Molina Campos was born in Buenos Aires.

    Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear, the President of Argentina at that time, named him art teacher of the "Colegio Nacional Avellaneda" after seeing the exhibition. In , the Alpargatas company, makers of espadrilles, under the supervision of engineer Luis Pastorino, commissioned 12 illustrations using gouache technique from him for their calendar. These were so successful that Molina Campos continued to provide the drawings for the next 12 years. In he had an exhibition at the Witco. Dominique Pinto born , known by her stage name Dom La Nena, is a Brazilian-born cellist, singer and songwriter.

    She began studying piano at the age of five, before shifting to the cello three years later. Known as "the goddess of the cello", Walevska encouraged Dom to move to Buenos Aires and become her student. With her parents' consent Dom relocated to Argentina where she studied under Walevska for several years. Over the next two years Dom toured with Birkin, also supporting Frenc.

    Javier de Viana. Javier de Viana 5 August — 5 October was a Uruguayan writer. Writings He wrote a number of works with rural life as theme. Schneider's work has a strong play impulse and sometimes invites the audience to invert the logic of the art object bringing functionality to it.

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    Her architecture models were transformed critically into domestic apparatus, her oil paintings became exhibition displays for projections. There is always a program inserted in her installations in order to connect the work with the present tense and with the reality outside the exhibition space. Eledone gaucha is a species of octopus from the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is a predator of fish, crabs, lobsters and molluscs.

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    This octopus is a member of the genus Eledone and belongs to the family Octopodidae. Retrieved 24 March Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Haimovici, M. Eledone gaucha, a new species of sledonid octopod Cephalopoda: Octopodidae from southern Brazil. Nautilus 2 : 82— In , she moved with her family to Uruguay because her family feared expa. Ecofeminist art emerged in the s in response to ecofeminist philosophy, that was particularly articulated by writers such as Carolyn Merchant, Val Plumwood, Donna Haraway, Starhawk, Greta Gaard, Karen J.

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    Warren and Rebecca Solnit. Those writers emphasized the significance of relationships of cultural dominance and ethics Merchant, Plumwood, Donna Haraway expressed as sexism Haraway , spirituality Starhawk , speciesism Warren, Gaard , capitalist values that privilege objectification and the importance of vegetarianism in these contexts Gaard. The main issues Ecofeminism aims to address revolve around the effects of a "Eurocentric capitalist patriarchal culture built on the domination of nature, and the domination of woman 'as nature'.

    The label grew out of an underground party in Buenos Aires called Zizek Club in Founders Grant C. Dull, Guillermo Canale and Diego Bulacio wanted to provide an outlet for new artists and producers who were combining the folk sounds of more traditional Latin-American music, notably cumbia, with hip-hop, reggaeton, dancehall, dubstep, and other electronic sounds.

    He also did much work for radio and appeared on Radio El Mundo in the late s. Paraba is a genus of land planarians from South America.

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    Description Species of the genus Paraba have a slender body with nearly parallel margins while creeping. The copulatory apparatus has a permanent conical penis occupying the entire male cavity and the female cavity is rounded and filled with a multilayered epithelium. Ferreyra This film-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. He led an ill-fated military campaign in Upper Peru. He graduated as a lawyer from the University of Charcas, in Upper Peru.