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Vanessa was raised in Connecticut and is of Cuban and Puerto Rican decent. Javier has successfully litigated cases throughout the country on behalf of a broad range of defendants. Javier lives in Boston with his wife and two daughters. Melissa A.

College of Law

In , Melissa obtained her B. During her nineteen-year legal career, Melissa has worked in the public and private sectors, and has experience in criminal and civil litigation. For two years, Melissa was Counsel to the City of Boston Employment Commission, where she drafted, negotiated and reviewed all development contracts on commercial construction projects on behalf of the Commission ensuring compliance with city residency requirements.

Melissa also ran her own law practice for several years, handling real estate transactions, G. In her current role, Melissa represents the Commonwealth in G. A trial typically lasts five or more days. Additionally, Melissa represents the Commonwealth in appeals of trials including writing appellate briefs and oral arguments before the Appeals Court. Melissa is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and is a Region 8 delegate.

Opening A Solo Practice

Magaly counsels employers and employees on various immigrant and non-immigrant processes. She also assists clients in obtaining permanent residence, with a particular emphasis on PERM labor certification applications. She enjoys working closely with clients to understand their objectives and provide a clear strategy to help accomplish them. Her personal journey as an immigrant gives her the legal expertise, compassion, and dedication to address the concerns of every client and provide them with the highest quality of legal representation.

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She represented clients in immigration removal proceedings before the Executive Office of Immigration Review as part of the Suffolk Law School clinical program. She also represented clients in contested divorce proceedings before the Suffolk Family and Probate Court in her clinical work.

Aguilar focuses her practice on representing corporations in a wide range of litigation matters, with primary emphasis on complex trial and appellate litigation, labor and employment issues and government investigations. Aguilar volunteers with Citizen Schools, coaching a mock trial program for middle school students at underperforming Boston schools. Prior to joining Choate in , Ms. Aguilar received her J. Shawe Labor Relations Award, and her B. He also represents clients who have suffered discrimination, and clients on criminal matters ranging from larceny to distribution, and possession of a firearm.

At Avalon Law Offices, P. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Salomon is a graduate of Georgetown University: J. She is experienced in international law, human rights, and immigration law, with a strong interest in refugee protection, migration, global affairs, and gender equality.

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She participated as a delegate during the Commission on the status of Women 58 th session at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in March In April , she obtained a certificate from the Worldview Institute at the United Nations Association in New York where she completed an executive program in International law and human rights. Moreno Law, provides professional advice and representation in matters related to business immigration, family based immigration and humanitarian reliefs.

Sierra is well-versed in the areas of healthcare fraud and life science compliance and has advised healthcare and pharmaceutical industry executives, audit committees and corporate board directors on legal, employment, compliance and business strategies. Sierra also represents clients under government investigation, litigates shareholder and business disputes, and counsels life science and healthcare companies, including providing due diligence advice in connection with corporate acquisitions.

Prior to returning to private practice, Mr. He also spent a dozen years as an Assistant U. Attorney in New Jersey, investigating and trying numerous high-profile cases.

Following law school, Mr. Sierra served as a judicial law clerk to the late Honorable Reynaldo G. Garza of the U.

Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Sierra is a frequent speaker on corporate compliance, False Claims Act, whistleblowing and corporate investigations. He is the former blogger on Pharmarisc. Sierra is fluent in Spanish, a skill he uses to assist clients from Spanish-speaking countries conducting business in the United States.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Educating Abroad an organization focused in promoting professional development in Latin America where she annually designs a Boston based program for international attorneys, students and academia interested in learning about the United States Legal System. Gallagher, this modern republication is presented to a new generation of readers and researchers into the daily lives, work, business angles and unique challenges of solo and individual-client law practice.

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Introduction: What Is Copyright?

At Google Play app. At Apple iBooks and iTunes previewed here , as well as Kobobooks. ISBN paperback, ed. Accordingly, they will then shortlist a number of potential competent lawyer s for the users to select from. Once the user makes the decision to retain the lawyer, legal fees are paid online through the escrow account maintained by the platform, which charges a percentage thereof as a commission fee for the matchmaking and transaction facilitation service. The advantage of such a business conduit model is obvious. Given the inherent information asymmetry, a client is naturally less informed about the nature of the legal problem, the potential remedies, and the quality of the professionals, and thus would find it difficult to shop for skilled and trustworthy lawyers.

Stephen, J. Rickman, Regulation of the legal profession, in: R. See also Ribstein, op. In this respect, having dedicated consultants to filter and recommend lawyers for them may help to mitigate the information asymmetry, especially when the legal issues are complex and involve more than one law practice areas. View all notes Moreover, we also have to remember that a portal is technically not a law firm and the in-house consultants that it retains are not licensed lawyers. Another innovation in the camp of alternative legal service providers is the emergence of legal outsourcing business.

Granat, Is Axiom Law a law firm? The above largely already describes the legal outsourcing business that Shanghai Bestone does besides operating the Pocket Lawyer app. These services differ from typical law-firm work, and often involve customer legal education and provision of law information packages. Because Bestone is essentially a technology company specializing in the legal service market niche, it engages law firms and specialized legal talent placement firms to perform these outsourced tasks.

The legal profession in China has changed tremendously and many changes are still going on. The first key finding is that many of the innovation initiatives named in Section V above are shaped by the power of the market. Quite to the contrary, one may have the opposite opinion if taking a look at the numbers. As of year end, there are altogether , licensed lawyer in China, or merely 1. In comparison, the total number of lawyers in the US is over 1.

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The State of the Profession

View all notes Put simply, there are actually too few legal practitioners in China than too many, and they are still very much needed in general. On the one end, the financial crisis has taught many Chinese law firms to attach greater importance to client needs and satisfaction. View all notes The competition for large corporate clients and lucrative business transactions is fierce and will continue to be so, not only within the club of big Chinese corporate law firms, but also between Chinese law firms and international law firms globally.

In this sense, the balance of power in the corporate legal sector does shift towards the buyers. On the other end, however, many legal needs are not met in the less developed geographic regions and in financially less rewarding practice areas. View all notes This is particularly evidenced by the rise of online legal providers which serve as an intermediary to match the supply and demand sides.

The History and Philosophy of Copyright

Therefore, it is arguable that the most significant contribution of these portals is that they help to improve access to justice in China, by virtue of offering an extra channel of acquiring and comparing potentially useful information in searching for legal help. Propelled by the market demands and benefiting from technological advancements, the provision of legal services has become so versatile today, going beyond the office of lawyers. This finding carries two-fold implications. These services may still be legal in nature, but may also be only marginally law-related.

Dzienkowski, The future of big law: alternative legal service providers to corporate clients 82 Fordham Law Review , View all notes This said, it is also to be admitted that given the complexity and sophistication of modern business transactions, it is not always possible or economically efficient to separate the services. In this light, legal outsourcing firms and various multidisciplinary consultancy firms have been sharing the market with law firms for years, such as by offering legal services as a side but integrated part of a hybrid professional advice package, See C.