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Share this song! Twitter Facebook. Google Stumble. III Sanguines. Decora Lux. Sol Lucet. Facta In Cello. Maestranza II. Die Ac Nocte. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. Light shineth in the darkness and measureth out the days. On a brass universal ring dial bought in London by Mr.

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Hilton see Chronograms, vol. The date given is Light is joy. Light my law.

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Light after shadow. Was read as a dial motto in the north of Italy. Thy light is my life. At Mapledurham House, near Reading. The motto is that of the Blount family, to whom the place belongs. At Ripley, Surrey, with other mottoes see No. The light makes shadow, but the truth makes mysteries. This extraordinary inscription is carved in stone on the two sides of a dial plate which is inserted in the slab, and fixed against a house in the village of Wentworth, on Earl Fitzwilliam's Yorkshire estate.

It has puzzled many passers by; but the Rev. He assumes it to have been the work of a Jewish mason, probably employed in the erection of Wentworth Woodhouse, who had become a convert to Christianity, and who sought to allure his Hebrew brethren to a like change of faith. It will be observed that the Scriptural references are confined to the books of the Old Testament, so as not to alarm the inquiring reader.

The master, delighted that the bait caught, vouchsafes, in his peculiarly eccentric style, to lecture on his own device, and thus reads to his brethren a sermon in stone. This device, which rightly divides the twelve hours of day , Warns you to guard justice and observe the laws. This appears in Paris, on a turret of the Palais de Justice; a sun-dial was formerly there, but has been replaced by a clock. Slow to the sorrowing, swift to the joying, pass the hours.

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At Stra, near Padua; and also, with the first word missing, on a house by the roadside between Ventimiglia and Bordighera. K ING. Trifles are of great import.

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On Lady Ossington's coffee house, Newark. He hath made his choice aright. Who counteth but the hours of light. A square dial, once painted red with a green border, is on a gable over the porch of the picturesque old church at Wycliffe-on-the-Tees, and bore the motto from Job, xiv. The dial is now quite defaced and useless. Wycliffe is the reputed birthplace of the great Reformer, and is very beautifully situated. The same motto was formerly on the church at Staindrop, co. Durham; and it is still on a square dial upon the south wall of the aisle of Maxey Church, Northamptonshire.

On the south porch of Hamsterley Church, co.

These mottoes are inscribed on the four faces of a stone shaft in the churchyard at Upton St. Leonards, Gloucestershire; there are dial-plates on the east, south, and west faces. Over the porch of Stowmarket Church, Suffolk. On a horizontal dial in Frittenden Churchyard. Many a man heeds it, many a man despises it, many a man looks at it. What matters it? Idleness is the mother of all vice. All things human are vain. Be sure you do not despise my handiwork before you have made a better yourself.

Nothing is difficult to the willing. The hour flies. So passes the glory of the world. These quaint mottoes are all inscribed on a curious wooden block, bearing several dials, in Mr. Evans' collection. Abide with us, O Lord, for it is toward evening St.

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Luke, xxiv. This text is written on an illustration of a west dial in a French MS. The MS. In the morning thou snorest sluggishly — the hour flies. Recorded as a dial motto, but no locality assigned. The first three words are from Persius, 5, In the morning thou askest the hour: later perchance comes thy hour. I wait for no one. There is a dial which bears this inscription, and surrounded by creeper foliage, on Middleton Tyas Hall, near Richmond, Yorks. The end is in heaven. At Regune, Canton de Taverne Tarn.

On the sun-dial of Thornby Church, Northamptonshire. I mark the time when it freezes. In front of this building was a tree which intercepted the rays of the sun, except in winter when it was leafless. The dial then showed the hours. On a dial which projects from the sill of the library window at Arley Hall, Cheshire, the seat of R. Egerton-Warburton, Esq. It has also Horas non numero nisi serenas. This pious tribute to the "glorious and immortal memory" is recorded in "Notes and Queries," 4th Ser.

The light rules me. The shadow you. At Lesneven, in Brittany; in the garden of the hospital of St. Risen thou seest me the sun perhaps not set. On one of the faces of a pillar-dial at Borranshill House, near Carlisle, with No.

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  • The pillar was erected by a member of the. Heysham family; it bears on the summit a vase ornamented with doves, and crowned by a lion passant regardant — the Heysham crest. The pillar is about 7 feet high. Borranshill now belongs to Colonel Wybergh. The sun rules me, the shadow you. At Auterive, near Auch Gers ; at St.

    Thou knowest my hour, not thine own. Copied at Poirino, Piedment.