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We will start back in Tucson After a delightful Greek dinner with Shara's aunt, uncle and cousin, we stayed in a lovely AirBnb and then woke early to meet our fellow travelers, Teddy S. We ate at ye' ol' Welcome Diner and caught up on life and stuff. Good luck on your move, Nathan! Then, we parted ways for the last time Literally, one hour later, we stopped to see The Thing, a weird roadside attraction.

And who pulls in right after us but Teddy S. That was the last we've seen of Teddy S. We hope you're well. A day of driving through the desert of west Texas, during which we may have hit a tumbleweed or two, we arrived in Marfa.

But now you know we were there first, diary! Before all the hype that's coming! We stayed at El Cosmico, a hip campsite, that Shara's friend Suzy works at and woke to the sunrise above. Suzy S.

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If you missed the scheduled show on We played an improv game with our hosts, Diana N. Pretty sure it's entertaining AF. From Marfa, we drove to Austin where Anakin, this beautiful black lab, was gracious enough to let us crash in his bonus room. He set up the trundle bed and everything and introduced us to his humans, John and Holly.

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Both very lovely humans! They allowed us to crash their Mother's Day brunch, which was a delight. Thanks for a great stay, Anakin! In Austin, we performed our first two shows and taught our inaugural workshop at The Hideout Theatre! What a fresh idea! The shows were a blast, and Shara's brother came to both despite the fact that his normal bedtime is pm.

He particularly liked a scene where Mona played a flock of four or five chickens.

You da best, Chris. On Sunday morning, Anakin fed us a hearty meal of crepes and omelettes and then we barged through a few states heading towards Knoxville, Tennessee. There was a lot of relaxing at the pool in Knoxville, but we also led an Intro to Improv workshop for Shara's parents and their friends and co-workers. Diary, it was pretty magical to have kids and adults in the same workshop. Might work on that concept more when we get back. We also had drinks with one of the 2.

Go check 'em out if you live in K-town. Hanging on the wall was a poster she got when she graduated from her college improv team and if you zoom in, diary, you will see that Mona commented on the poster. And who would have thought that six years later, we have now actually become improv twins? Eh, it was probably obvious.

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We stayed with Shara's high school friends, Tommy W. Diary, did you know that Shara is allergic cats? And did you know that a lot of people really love cats?

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Everyone was so welcoming and lovely performers, and Shara made it into the top 3 of their 12 improviser Elimination Challenge. Now, we are in Chapel Hill, NC doing a couple shows and a workshop. Look at all the states we had to drive through to get there!

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The fireplace in the middle of Courtyard House now an extended seating area for the Starbucks is filled with a pile of burnt books. Next to the fireplace is a lounge area complete with indoor plants in concrete planter boxes detailed with manufacture stickers from Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises. A mounted wall monitor shows a looped video of Walt Disney presenting his plan for the Epcot Centre along with historical footage of children being taught about anti-Semitism. Between the glass elevator entrance and the Starbucks seating area, a presentation stand asks visitors to participate in a DNA testing program to check for Aboriginal DNA.

The testing station—facing the Red Cross blood donation corner—purports to be operated by the Australian federal government and genetic testing lab DeCODE Genetics and Swiss-based pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company Roche. The DNA testing stand featured in the Land of David project until a couple of days into the exhibition when Mona, faced with growing animosity towards the artist, the museum and the object itself, chose to remove it from the project.

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Before entering the elevator or descending the stairs into the museum, there is a promotional stand for the Southdale development where the visitor can take a complimentary Southdale orange, a bumper sticker, balloon or a promotional t-shirt. In the Void located on level B3 of the museum , Southdale Shopping Centre continues with a set of large banners hanging through the space announcing the forthcoming mall development and continues the presence of the brands appearing at the museum entrance.

The video monitors on the ferry play a looped video message from the Australian Defence Forces to would-be illegal boat arrivals deterring them from taking passage to Australia.

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A domestic-style door leads down a corridor past small side rooms, which house the community centre kitchen, internet cafeteria and small private multi-purpose spaces, before leading into the main community centre space. The space has a stage area for performance and music, open for bookings from all local community groups.

There is a reading library with a focus on community services, a meeting room regularly used by a variety of local organisations, and an op shop selling its wares. There is an exhibition of anti-gambling artworks from a local youth group, and art and craft produced in Risdon prison.