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Think of a time when a crisis developed in a past job. How did you react? You want to come across as someone who can handle anything calmly, strategically, and proactively. Musto explains that this often has to do with patient satisfaction scores. Hospitals and healthcare centers can lose millions of dollars on a poor rating, so they want to hire nurses who will guarantee their patients continue to be pleased with their overall experience.

10 Awesome Books Written by Nurses

As with the previous question, you want to show that you can maintain stellar patient care and a level head in even the most difficult of situations. Building off a past experience can help in this, or you can choose a hypothetical situation and explain step-by-step what you would do to solve the issue. Also, make it clear you actually like working with doctors and other nurses. Plus, knowing how to successfully give feedback to others shows you know how to work with and lead a team.

Draw from past personal experience—whether dealing with this direct issue or a similar one where you had to confront a co-worker. Using the STAR method again, outline what the situation was, what your role was in it, what action you took and why , and the result of that action. The goal? To show that A.


Does she obey orders or does she intervene? Ruth hesitates before performing CPR and, as a result, is charged with a serious crime. Kennedy McQuarrie, a white public defender, takes her case but gives unexpected advice: Kennedy insists that mentioning race in the courtroom is not a winning strategy.

Small Great Things is a remarkable achievement from a writer at the top of her game. The National Teachers of the Year booklist is a resource for educators, parents, community members and policy makers interested in reaching young people on issues of social justice. Read the …full article. Once you've read Small Great Things , I'd love for you to share with others what the reading experience was like for you. Please visit SmallGreatThings. The publisher: Ballantine Books , publication date: October 11, About four years into my writing career, I wanted to write a book about racism in the US.

The Nurse's Story

I started the novel, foundered, and quit. Flash forward twenty years. Once again, I desperately wanted to write about racism.

I was uncomfortably aware that when white authors talked about racism in fiction, it was usually historical. And again, what right did I have to write about an experience I had not lived? I grew up white and class-privileged. For years I had done my homework and my research, using extensive personal interviews to channel the voices of people I was not: men, teenagers, suicidal people, abused wives, rape victims. Why was writing about a person of color any different?

Because race is different. Racism is different. He requested that this nurse, and those who look like her, not touch his infant.

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He turned out to be a White Supremacist. The supervisor put the patient request in the file, and a bunch of African-American personnel sued for discrimination and won. But it got me thinking, and I began to weave a story. I knew that I wanted to write from the point of view of a Black nurse, a skinhead father, and a public defender — a woman who, like me, and like many of my readers, was a well-intentioned white lady who would never consider herself to be a racist. Suddenly I knew that I could, and would, finish this novel.

Truth be told, I might as well have been describing myself not so long ago. This time, though, I was learning about myself. I was exploring my past, my upbringing, my biases, and I was discovering that I was not as blameless and progressive as I had imagined. Just as racism creates disadvantages for people of color that make success harder to achieve, it also gives advantages to white people that make success easier to achieve.

And that, I realized, was why I had to write this book. When it comes to social justice, the role of the white ally is not to be a savior or a fixer. I began my research by sitting down with women of color. Although I knew that peppering people of color with questions is not the best way to educate oneself, I hoped to invite these women into a process, and in return they gave me a gift: they shared their experiences about what it really feels like to be Black.

I remain so grateful to these women — not just for tolerating my ignorance, but for being willing to teach me. Then I had the pleasure of talking to Beverly Daniel Tatum, former president of Spelman College and a renowned racial educator. I read books by Dr. I enrolled in a social justice workshop called Undoing Racism, and left in tears every night, as I began to peel back the veneer of who I thought I was from who I truly am. Then I met with two former skinheads, to develop a vocabulary of hate for my White Supremacist character.

My daughter Sammy was the one who found Tim Zaal — a former skinhead who had Skyped with her class in high school. Years ago, Tim beat up and left a gay man for dead. After getting out of the Movement, he started to work at the Simon Weisenthal Center talking about hate crimes and realized one day that the man he had left for dead worked there too. There were apologies and forgiveness, and now, they are friends who talk about their unique experience to groups every week.

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  8. He also is happily married, now, to a Jewish woman. Frankie Meeink, another former skinhead, works with the Anti-Defamation League. After recruiting for hate crews in Philly, he now runs Harmony through Hockey — a program to promote racial diversity among kids. These men taught me that the White Power groups believe in the separation of the races and think they are soldiers in a racial holy war. They explained how recruiters for hate groups would target kids who are bullied, marginalized, or who come from abusive homes.

    Violence became a release, a mandate. They also taught me that now, most skinhead groups are not crews seeking out violence, but rather individuals who are networking underground. Nowadays, White Supremacists dress like ordinary folks. They blend in, which is a whole different kind of terror. When it came time to title this book, I found myself struggling again. Many of you who are long-time fans of mine know this was not the original name of the novel.

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    Martin Luther King, Jr. However, I also knew that both Ruth and Kennedy have moments in this novel where they do a small thing that has great and lasting repercussions for others. Plus, for many whites who are just beginning to travel the path of racial self-awareness, Dr. His eloquence about a subject most of us feel inadequate putting into words is inspiring and humbling. Moreover, although individual changes cannot completely eradicate racism -- there are systems and institutions that need to be overhauled as well — it is through small acts that racism is both perpetuated and partially dismantled.

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    For all of these reasons — and because I hope it will encourage people to learn more about Dr. Caught between the living nightmare of an abusive stepfather and providing for her younger twin-siblings, things take a turn for the worst when she's given her latest work assignment;. A broken man suffering from the weight of a military mission gone wrong, this will be one patient that Addilyn will never forget. Will the man with no sight be the one to finally clear her own? Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up.