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You want to move. In fact you feel that you must. But you do not feel normal. You feel perplexed. Sensing danger about you.

A 19-Year-Old with Intrusive Loops of Music in His Mind

But where is it? You note a blunt or sharp object — a dangerous object! But where is the dangerous subject? Where is the threat that could use that dangerous object? But this motion thing bluffs you. In other words, they become obsessions, which in turn you mistakenly perceive as compulsions.

Another thing. So, to clarify, if you slow down and stop adding to this motion the severity and frequency of your Harm OCD is going to abate. Understanding the nature of our anxiety is to have it dissolve; learning to see correctly the belief systems associated with the fear is to have it dissolve. In this sense, Harm OCD is no more than intensification of a quite human habit: the tendency to dwell upon unwanted things to the point of becoming unhappy.

It need not overwhelm us, however. But we do not react.

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We know if it were not for our bodies being so on edge we would show no concern, and that indeed is how it is in normal circumstances and what we see happening as we move to full health. We watch and observe, some days are better than others, but we do not despair. Days pass, and more and more we able to say: Ah, here it is again, so what? It is just passing through. And indeed this is the way, not easy at first — but this is the way. Our becoming detached. The storms of Harm OCD we no longer run from. We sit as they pass.

We breath, no gasp or sigh of relief, but because it is soothing. We rest, because it is needed. And we do not feel guilt.

We take care of ourselves. Put simply we know more assuredly than ever before that when we feel bad, the thoughts we are thinking are not in alignment with who we are at our roots. No… What if I harm children? Do I want to harm children? What if I have sex with a child? I was on high-alert paying attention to every — single — thought. I figured it out. I solved the problem. I was never so relieved. This whole time I knew who I was, where I was, what year it was. Checking like this filled me with relief and anxiety in equal measure because I was so relieved that none of this was obviously arousing me, but that I had to scan my body in the first place to just even check and make sure, made me feel like a monster.

I was scum and I hated myself. I hated the world for this happening to me. Did I do something bad in the past — was this punishment? OCD Intrusive Thoughts is a painful illnesses to go through. I was in a new country, without my friends or family. Each day I was filled with dread, waiting for the thoughts almost, anticipating their next move. This image filled me with so much terror that I had my first panic attack in the shower, I fell to the shower floor feeling like I was dying or having a heart attack — I begged any god that was listening to just take me there and then.

Were these Intrusive Thoughts too? I knew I was thinking it, but no, looking back on it, I know this was real suicide ideation because a part of me wanted to end it all that day.

I thought my only way out was the end. I peeled myself off the plastic seat, backed up against the wall and left the station. I then managed to tell my sister the same. My dad saved me when I got home. He rang my doctor and demanded that I be seen to immediately. I went back to the same bereavement counsellor and told him a little bit of what I went through. I was too ashamed. Finding reassurance from anything or anyone was the hardest thing.

I was so determined not to let this beat me. I still knew who I was and perhaps I had stubborn streak back me up. I found strength in my family, friends and boyfriend, from their support, I gradually told them little bits of what I was experiencing all this time. And that was the frightening thing, I thought things I never thought I could.

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And these were thoughts around my own actions which made them all the more confusing. Were these underlying desires dying to burst through? The whole time, thoughts around paedophilia dominated the most and filled me with the most anxiety. Intrusive Thoughts commonly arise in the suffer with the thing they find the most repulsive. I had to make it clear each and every time that the distinction of having the thoughts was not of pleasure or fun — it was pushing me to the limits of sanity.

I was at the mercy of it. After a year or exhaustive self-reassurance, that I was OK after every Intrusive Thought , going over the same mantras, positive-thinking, self-affirming, rational, counter-balancing techniques I could, I gave up. Do your worst.


How to Beat OCD Without Drugs (It's Simple But Not Easy!) | Psychology Today

I thought I was getting better, but I somehow kept reaching new lows. This was it, it was happening. My thoughts were now happening in the first-person and this terrified me because everything previously was a what-if kind of thinking, a future thing or present what-if. It felt uncomfortable and unnatural but after a couple of goes the physical feelings of dread and anxiety would lessen. I had to write the word over and over, line after line, page after page in a book until it meant nothing. By page ten, I was getting annoyed with the word and the homework started to bore me. In this way, the technique worked a great deal.

When I stopped trying to fight the thoughts, by way of giving up and accepting them, this feeling of freedom came with it — probably the only time in my life giving up counted for something. Or a mother with thoughts of harming her new-born baby, a sad but common condition.