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In many ways, the s were a good time for me: I had a nice terraced house within commuting distance of London; a great job editing a boating magazine I…. Professional paint finishes look stunning but can be eye-wateringly expensive. A DIY job can achieve a tough, glossy result for a fraction of the cost Wind, weather and the elements are the usual culprits when it comes to boat maintenance, however the 4-stroke outboard engine is best tended to from the inside out.

Changing the….

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Just about every engine installed in a yacht or power boat has some degree of instrumentation, ranging from the basic rev counter, warning lights and audible alarm as in this…. The extra miles of sailing on a summer cruise, or days at anchor can highlight new issues on board or exacerbate existing problems. To aid your voyage this year —…. Occasionally you have the rare privilege of reading a sentence or two that capture your sentiments much better than you yourself could.


If you have trouble with a small outboard motor it can often be attributed to the fuel. David Parker describes how he saved a lot of money with a careful…. The traditional method of glassfibre boat building has been to hand-roll liquid resin into reinforcing fibre as it sits in a mould, adding one layer after another and all the….

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Home Practical Expert advice from Practical Boat Owner, including boat maintenance, repairs and money saving tips. Mike Camp charts the trials and tribulations of designing and building his 26ft steel sloop. I have often sailed in the swath of more accessible West Indian islands that lie between Antigua and Puerto Rico.

But I had never before cruised around any of the islands south of Antigua, so I jumped at the chance last April to step aboard a Lagoon catamaran from Horizon This mid-sized stripped-down racing boat has a perfect balance of amenities and weight-saving simplicity to make it a blast to sail. Though it boasts sleeping space for up to six, Push-Button Reefing Boats have never been easier to sail, and yet, designers and builders still strive for that extra iota or two of convenience.

A case in point is the growing acceptance of powered headsail furlers.

Roller-furling headsails are ubiquitous not only on cruising My dissatisfaction with the head and holding tank plumbing arrangement on our Sabre 38 had grown as we cruised the boat away from the comforts of a marina for longer periods of time. When we are tied up at a marina, the use of regular bathrooms generally trumps the Two of the most indispensable items on board a cruising yacht are a dinghy and an outboard motor. At anchor or on a buoy, of course, they are your only means of getting ashore.

They also have a thousand other uses. Sailing America Rizzoli International Publications has released this striking portrait of American sailing by nautical photography legend Onne van der Wal just in time for the holidays. Featuring stunning photographs spanning the length and breadth of the sailing scene—from Once upon a time conquering your dream of sailing off into the sunset was enough, but these days it seems like you have to be popular on social media too.

Balancing the stresses of sailing around the world while keeping a successful—not to mention financially lucrative—social Best Boats. Boat Reviews. Design and Technology. Ask Sail. Sailing South.

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