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Underwater archaeology carried out in the cenote at Chichen Itza revealed that offerings to the Maya rain deity Chaac which may have included people were tossed into the sinkhole.


Why Maya cities were abandoned and left to be overgrown by the jungle is a puzzle that intrigues people around the world today, especially those who have a penchant for speculating on lost civilizations. But even though Machu Picchu is now the best known of all Incan ruins, its function in Incan civilization is still not clear.

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Some have speculated that it was an outpost or a frontier citadel, while others believe it to be a sanctuary or a work center for women. Still others suggest that it was a ceremonial center or perhaps even the last refuge of the Incas after the Spanish conquest. As was the case with the renaming of Mayan and Aztec ruins, the names given to various structures by archaeologists are purely imaginary and thus not very helpful; for example, the mausoleum, palace or watchtower at Machu Picchu may have been nothing of the sort.

Mexico City is now easily the largest city in the Western Hemisphere, trailing only Tokyo internationally, but unlike the other great cities of the Americas, Mexico City is not a new place. Mexico City instead has much in common with cities like London, Delhi or Cairo in the East in that it is an ancient city dating back centuries before the arrival of Columbus in Hispaniola.

For, while much including the name has changed, Mexico City is the mighty Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire and the great American metropolis of the Spanish Empire. There has been no break in occupation, and despite much devastation in the Conquest, the city was never fully destroyed. Every October, the river turns red as hundreds of thousands Charles Dickens Revisited.

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Robert Newsom. Gold Camps and Silver Cities. Merle W. Silver City Wood River and Ketchum Boise Basin River Lady James River Trilogy, 3.

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  • La Grande Déculturation (Documents) (French Edition).

Jude Deveraux. River Lady Handsome plantation owner Wesley Editor: Philip W.

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Willink, Editor: Philip W. Willink, Editor: Barry Chernoff. The scientific team discovered River of Tomorrow Wabash River, 3. Dorothy Garlock.