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You must provide the employee with a statement of the remaining terms within 2 months of their starting work.

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You can get details in our document Contract of employment. Most terms and conditions of employment are stated in a written contract or a company handbook. However, custom and practice in the workplace can also constitute a term of employment for example, a mid-morning break of 10 minutes. If you want to change a term or condition of employment, you must agree this change with the employee.

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  8. Under contract law, both the employer and the employee must consent to changes in the terms of a contract. You can read more about contracts in our document: Contract of employment. However, there are some exceptions to this, such as apprentices, people aged under 18 and people employed by close relatives. You must give your employees payslips.

    These show their wages and any deductions that have been made. You are responsible for ensuring that your employees are given adequate rest. The Organisation of Working Time Act sets down the rules governing maximum working hours and daily and weekly rest breaks.

    Nearly all employees are entitled to annual leave and public holidays , from the time they start work. You can decide when your employees take annual leave, taking into consideration work and personal requirements. However, you should consult your employee or their union in advance. Your employee can request pay for annual leave in advance. There is specific legislation setting down the rules for each entitlement. You must register as an employer with Revenue.

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    You can get information about PRSI on welfare. The JobsPlus scheme is an employer incentive which encourages and rewards employers who employ jobseekers on the Live Register. It aims to encourage employers and businesses to employ people who have been out of work for long periods.

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    5. The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection pays the incentive monthly in arrears over a two-year period. It provides two levels of regular cash payments:. You must comply with your data protection obligations when collecting CVs and related information about individuals. These employee records show that you are compliant with employment legislation.

      You must allow access to these records during an inspection by officers from the Workplace Relations Commission. You can also talk to your Trade Union or Employee Representative if you have one. Their helpline is , and their website can be found here.

      The Employment Tribunal Service enquiry line is , and their website address is www. Please note that the advice given on this website and by our Advisors is guidance only and cannot be taken as an authoritative or current interpretation of the law. It can also not be seen as specific advice for individual cases. Please also note that there are differences in legislation in Northern Ireland. Over 10, clients trust us with their business finances - let us help you, so you can focus on growing your business. You'll get access to a range of benefits, such as invoice software, jargon-free business guides, great networking opportunities, discounts, plus much more.

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      This article covers The main legal rights of an employee The main legal rights of a worker Workers and employees rights The main legal rights of the self-employed Legal protections Disputes with employer over your rights Other information for freelancers The main legal rights of an employee As an employee, you have the following rights: To the rights of workers below To a written statement explaining your main terms and conditions — this must be provided within two months of beginning the employment ideally within one month of starting.

      A contract of employment is an agreement between you and your employer.

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      The terms of an employment contract set out what you and your employer have agreed and what you can expect of each other; your rights and duties. These steps must be followed even for employees who serve a "highly susceptible population," for example, older adults obtaining food in a nursing home or hospital. Does the ADA require the employer to hold open a job for an employee who has been excluded from the food establishment due to the requirements of the FDA Food Code? However, if you are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the employee is eligible for such leave, you may be required to reinstate the employee.

      See question 27 for information about the Family and Medical Leave Act. An employee reports that she has a symptom of a food-related disease or actually has the disease. May I mention her name to my other employees, who now may have to get tested? No, the ADA prohibits you from disclosing the name of the employee who may have caused the exposure to a food-related disease, unless disclosing the name is required by another Federal law.

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      The ADA says that medical information is confidential. Example 8 : The head of the wait staff, Hasad, informs his supervisor that he has Hepatitis A. The supervisor must keep this information confidential and should not inform the staff that Hasad has Hepatitis A. The supervisor may, however, inform the staff that a case of Hepatitis A has been reported and that employees should continue to take steps for safeguarding public health. An employer must not keep medical information in an employee's personnel file. Medical information should be kept in a separate medical file.

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      Only those few employees who really need the medical information for work-related reasons should have access to the file. If the information is stored in a computer file, the employer should limit the number of persons who have access to it. Do I have to help an applicant with a disability so that she can apply for a job? Yes, if the help is requested. The ADA requires that an employer provide a reasonable accommodation so that an applicant with a disability can apply for a job. For example, if you use a computer-based application form and a person with a disability tells you that he wants to apply for a job but cannot use the computer terminal, you would have to provide another way for him to apply.

      Example 9 : Eliana applies for a bookkeeping position. After reviewing her resume, the employer decides to interview her and tells her to come to the second floor office for her interview. Eliana asks whether the building has an elevator and is told that it does not.

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      She asks if the interview can be held on the first floor because she uses a wheelchair. Unless this imposes a significant difficulty or expense, the employer should accommodate Eliana by interviewing her on the first floor. Employers may not ask about an applicant's medical condition or require a medical exam until after deciding that the person has the necessary job skills and making a conditional job offer. Questions should focus on ability to do the job. You may ask the applicant if she can do the job and to describe her skills and experience.

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      You may ask about gaps in employment and education. If an applicant has an obvious disability that may prevent her from doing an important part of the job, you may ask her to show or describe how she would perform that job function.

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      You also may ask if she will need help to do the job or a "reasonable accommodation". But you may not ask for details about the disability. For information regarding the use of Model Form 1-A, see question 6. Example 10 : Bakari, whose right hand was amputated, applies for a job as a host.

      One requirement of the job is to wrap forks and knives in cloth napkins that the wait staff then places on tables.