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In due course, we intend to post all the entries on our APS News online web site. Hubris Theoretical Physicist am I. Mortals Tremble before me. Irresistible Force Tripped.

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Fell on my ass. Newton's Laws of Motion 1. F equals p-dot.

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  7. That is all you need to know. Use it with wisdom. Quarks A quark is a quark— There are no smaller pieces; Or so I believe. Two ups and a down— What other virtual quarks? Quantum paradoxes I've had it to here With quantum paradoxes; My wave functions ache.

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    Quantum Uncertainty Schroedinger's cat is Dead or alive, they tell us I can't bear to look! Tell me, did the sun Just burn out? I guess we'll know Eight minutes from now.

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    Wither dynamics? There is chaos in my soul. Leptons have needs, too. In the dark Behold the cosmos: dark matter and energy, playing hide and seek. Kids these days. Like grumpy old men, Inductors tend to oppose Any current change. APS News Archives. Librarians Authors Referees Media Students.

    Login Become a Member Contact Us. Haiku Contest Winners Ed. Understanding physics can be tricky when you're just looking at a bunch of equations in a book. But by paying attention to the physics of sports like volleyball, those concepts become easier to grasp. Further, the athlete who understands the physics of the game has a definite advantage on the court.

    Here are a few of the basic principles of physics, explained through volleyball. Gravitational force, or the force of attraction between an object and the Earth, has an impact on every element of Volleyball. Whether you are serving, bumping, or spiking, gravity will affect every interaction you have with the ball. Serving: When a volleyball is served, the server exerts an upward, and forward, force on the ball. Meanwhile, gravity is exerting a downward force on the volleyball.

    This downward force is what causes the ball to fall down on the opponent's side, after clearing the net. To assist gravity, you can snap your wrist which adds top spin the skids over the ball as you serve.

    This spin crates pressure difference above and below the ball. According to researcher Dr. Marion Alexander, this top spin causes the ball to fall quickly on the opponent's side after clearing the net. Passing: When a player performs a forearm pass, or bump, an upward and forward force is exerted on the ball toward a target player. Gravity exerts a downward force on the ball, and if you do not compensate for this, your target player will not have time to set underneath the ball before it hits the ground.

    To account for the force of gravity, simply follow through with your forearm when bumping, to exert force on the ball, over a longer period of time.

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    This will cause the ball to go higher and ensure that the target player has time to prepare herself beneath the ball. Spiking: When you spike a volleyball, you have the opportunity to deliver a crushing offensive blow to your opponent. When spiking, you exert a downward force on the ball so that it falls rapidly on the opponent's side of the court, making it very difficult for your opponent to return the ball.

    Gravity works in your favor when you spike, because it also exerts a downward force that makes the ball fall to the court floor.

    November 2004 (Volume 13, Number 10)

    For this reason you do not necessarily have to exert tremendous downward force to spike effectively, because gravitational force is also acting on the ball in the same direction. Digging: When digging a volleyball, you are exerting a sharply upward force to prevent it from hitting the ground. However, gravity is exerting a downward force on the ball, and if you do not account for this you will not hit the ball high enough to prevent it from hitting the ground.

    To account for this, bend your knees low to generate force with your legs, when digging.

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    This will ensure that you hit the ball high enough for your teammates to get in position. Work: Work is when a force moves an object. In Volleyball, the force is the player and the object is the ball. When the player hits, spikes, or serves the ball it moves in the direction in which the force has been applied. Hopefully, that direction will be over the net, when spiking or serving, and to the target when bumping.

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    Velocity: Velocity is the speed of movement. You can figure out the velocity of a volleyball shot by dividing the distance your ball traveled by the amount of time it took to get there. So let's say you serve a ball across the net from the behind the serving line, 30 feet, and the ball takes 1. To find the velocity you would divide 30 feet by 1.