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We play tic-tac-toe or some other such game where you need to take turns. One turn per bite. Or beat the clock contest, if you have just 1 child. The favorite ones in our house is Name-Place-Animal-Thing. Play 2 starts saying the alphabet in his head. Player 1 says stop.

Player 2 declares what alphabet he was on. You go around the table with everyone first saying a name that starts with that letter. Next you go around telling a place that starts with that letter and so on. Not only do you keep them sitting at the table, this is a great way to foster connection and closeness among siblings. On special days get creative about picking them!

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Make it more interesting by setting themes of the day the winner of any of the morning contests could be the person deciding the theme … So one day you write notes about each other, next day you write about school, friends, work etc. When the kids have a choice in what goes into their breakfast they are much more likely to eat it happily. Go figure! NOTE: Any of these could as easily be used at dinner as well! And conversely, many of the things listed in the dinner section will translate to breakfast time with a few slight modifications.

These tips are here to just give you a starting point… take them, tweak them and make them your own! Make it cute. Make it fun.

The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked

Keep yourself guessing! Here are some great ideas by Easy Lunch Boxes to get you started. So set a date and go eat with your kids at their school. Historically this was the time where families hung out and had fun. Here are some ideas to squeeze a few fun things to do with kids anyway. We did it every single day when the weather was good. It was a great way for both of us to unwind for a few minutes before the busyness of the evening routine kicked in.

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I have a friend who does not just drop her kids at art class but takes the art class with them. Another one has a chess tutor who teaches chess to the whole family including the parents. Find an activity that everyone likes and enroll together.

The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked

You could go grab an ice cream or go hang out at the community pool. Who says all that has to be done only on weekends?

But having to cook every day can feel like such a chore! And, instead of making homework a strict, quiet time, encourage them to ask questions, discuss what they are working on or what happened at school that day. Or if they are done with homework, play with them for a few minutes. Go out and kick some ball. Blow some bubbles.

Chase them around and rough house. The key is to be intentional about snatching those few minutes to be with kids instead of getting sucked into checking your emails or FB updates on your phone for the hundredth time. My daughter is in 1st grade and her teacher suggests that she should read 20 minutes each day. So on weekdays, she reads me something of her choice while I cook. Break out a few cool moves and have an impromptu dance party.

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Those are the little moments when memories are made and bonding happens! And during the little breaks in between cooking, join them in making the messy, fun, dough sculpture masterpieces. The idea is to go from start line to finish line with the lemon balanced on the spoon held between your teeth without dropping the lemon or touching the spoon. If the lemon falls, you have to go back to the start line and start over.

Cook with your kids and blog about it. Blog, shlog. Just cook, eat and have fun! You are back from work wanting to unwind. You have the pressure to put a good, balanced meal in front of the family. Why not? So loosen up and let them. Everyone will enjoy dinner a whole lot more. Just get in the habit of having them clean up after their mess to save your own sanity and let them be. There used to be a time when families finished dinner and hung out in the lounge chatting and plaing games.

That time obviously is long gone. So why now play a few games right at the dinner table?

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Keep the kids glued to their seats and if you set some ground rules like one-turn-per-bite, you may actually enjoy dinner instead of nagging at them to eat the whole time! Here is an amazing list of dinner games for all age groups. How about some pizza cupcakes? Perhaps, mummy dogs are your things? Pick a country eg. Mexico and cook that cuisine that day. Additionally, pick a task that you will do together — for instance, each person has to be able to say one sentence in the language of that country.

Something incredible happens when you serve breakfast for dinner… kids who protest eating something for breakfast will gobble up the same thing with gusto if you serve it for dinner. We shoot for 1 or 2 big vacations each year. And once every 2 years or so, we take a long trip back home to India. Turns out, this is a good thing! Research shows that planning a vacation actually results in the largest boost in happiness. In the study, vacation anticipation actually boosted happiness for upto eight weeks. Get some more mileage out of your Halloween costumes.

Or wear your clothes backwards shirts with button on the back, dresses with zipper on the front and so on. Or everyone dresses in the same color.

Go crazy and have fun! So instead of feeling guilty about eating it, make it an integral part of your dinner. Bedtime can be the most precious time of the day as you and your kids wind down for a good nights rest. Or a battle field where endless power struggles play out night after night.

Here we go —. Good times! Seuss books. NOTE: This is also a great way to get kids in bed on time without much nagging — my daughter gets a book read to her if she is in bed before 9 pm. Not on time? Will you please read me an extra page tomorrow? If you know the constellations, explain it to your kids.

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Here are 5 yoga poses to help your kids go to sleep and stay asleep. This could be a simple notebook or an ornate diary. The idea is for each one to write down a few sentences into it each night. This is where most of us have some time to spare. At least in theory. Yes, weekends are a great time to spend some quality time with your family.

Go rummage at a yard sale. Another great way to create memories, while having fun, is to do DIY projects together.