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Sagittarius, I'm looking at you. Nope, when a Virgo commits, it's the real deal. And that's just the beginning for what makes them secretly one of the best romantic partners in the zodiac. Intelligent and analytical, Virgos make for very observant partners.

Top 5 Signs You Are a TRUE Virgo

They focus their critical eyes on the people they care about most — which is actually a good thing! That's because it allows them to really stay in-tune with their partners and anticipate their needs. They are also highly empathetic, so they naturally pay close attention to body language and know when and how to be supportive — perhaps better than any other sign. When a Virgo finds someone they care about and who actually meets their extremely high standards, you can bet they're going to be loyal and trustworthy.

Zodiac Signs - Virgo

They know when the right one comes along. Also, their keen observation skills and the fact that they're ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, means they are also quick to recognize dishonesty in others — which is a huge turn-off for Virgo. This has honed their convictions to live with integrity, and this is especially true in their relationships. So, not only can you count on them to be honest sometimes to a fault , you can also be sure they will have your back and be your most loyal supporter and defender.

While being with a Virgo is great in many ways, their reputation for being critical is pretty true. What this can mean in some cases is that having a Virgo as a partner can feel awfully demanding, because they are both highly critical of others, but they are also just as hard on themselves. They believe in holding themselves and others to a very high standard, and are shy about communicating that. So, overly sensitive folks may have trouble with Virgo partners.

If you were to make a list of the zodiac signs most associated with sex and passion, it's a fair bet that Virgo wouldn't top that list, but don't sleep on Virgo do sleep with them!


They may be the sign of The Virgin but, don't get it twisted — Virgos all have a freaky side. Virgos are not afraid to experiment and explore some kinky adult activities — so long as they are mentally and emotionally connected to their partner. They are definitely a sign that prefers to have a committed sexual partnership in order to let their freak flag fly. As for what turns on a Virgo, well, this Mercury-ruled sign its all about humor and wit.

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But a footballer followed by paparazzi is bound to have her in the news. Will Hayley get caught? Will Hayley be fulfilled by this new life, or dream of her old one? Is it Paulo, Euan or Joshua, her ex, that will finally win her over? At the end of the day, Virgos truly are our hidden angels and trusted counselors. They are the ones who will work behind the curtains to save the day and find solutions that truly work.

Hidden or not, we need them around us to make life a little less complicated and guide us into making the right decisions. The world is better with Virgos on the scene. Anyone born under this sign has a lot to look forward to from an astrological perspective. A new 12 year cycle is beginning given that Jupiter, the lucky planet, recently entered their sign. He will start delivering confidence, opportunity and some lucky twists to all Virgos in their year ahead. In addition, there is also going to be a powerful Solar Eclipse in Virgo in mid-September that will create a brand new cycle for everyone born under this sign.

Virgo personality traits

We're dedicated to sharing "the mindful life" beyond the core or choir, to all those who don't yet know they give a care. Deedee - Aug All your hard work is about to start getting noticed a lot more than usual.

To date, she has had consultations with people in over 30 different countries. Astrology has always been part of her life since her dad is also an Astrologer. He must have been born under the wrong sign. Or someone lied to him about his birthday. Find out which is your particular virgo's ascendant and maybe you will understand a whole lot of things.

Some critics of Virgos might say that Virgos tend to focus so much of the negative that it really clouds their vision of reality. In the mind of these critiques, Virgo emphasis on emotional purity and emotional authenticity can really be just as fake as the fake emotions many Virgos criticize. There's always other influences working in a person's astrology to make them the person they truly are … here's an article I wrote several months back explaining how astrology really works: I need to send this to the 4 dates I've been on that walked out on me once I told them I was a virgo.

Us virgos need an island away from the rest of you power taking other signs that don't belive us. I'm like a walking X-Files tagline. I drive some of my friends crazy,'cause i am very well organized, make lists, and i pretty well know where everything is, very seldom lose anything. As far as my love life goes, struck out. I gotta tell you it's pretty refreshing and rare to read a positive article about us.

I was actually poking around to see if I could find one because we seem to be the horoscope world's favorite negative target. Thank you for shedding some light on how our catalyst for action is caring not nit-picking.