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Sir David Attenborough provided his standardly-exquisite narration as a female fish went through a transformation to become male.

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And the amazing gender swap wasn't all that captivated viewers when it came to the unusual-looking and rather ugly species of fish. The newly-male Asian Sheepshead Wrasse fish then went on to channel the alpha male to a fish fight - taking over control of the group.

It was completely epic, and viewers of the stunning BBC One documentary were absolutely blown away by it. As Sir David described what was going on, he said: "When any large female reaches a critical body size, she can begin a dramatic transformation. As time passes her head expands and her chin gets longer. A she has changed into a he. Sir David also explained that only the largest females transform into males, but that when they do, they have their pick of the females.

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And another commented: "A fish was a girl and then it turned into a bloody boy and then chinned a boy and then was the Man! WhAt the fudge".

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You guys might want to consider a new name. August 21, Gary H.

Why should we care about this ugly fish?

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This allows it to gently float above the ocean floor. Although the famous picture of the blobfish makes it look like a pile of wet jello, P. At the extreme depths that the blobfish lives, the enormous pressure keeps the fish looking like a regular fish. It is only when the fish is brought to sea level, and thus a much lower pressure, that it takes on the lovably ugly form that most people are familiar with.

Little is known about the specific diet of P. This is likely due to its reclusive nature and difficult-to-access habitat.

Battle of the ugliest fish (Ugly hagfish Pt 2)

What we do know is that blobfish are almost certainly opportunistic feeders, meaning they will eat whatever falls to the ocean floor. Because they do not have a hard skeleton, they also do not have teeth. This gives us a clue as to what kind of foods the blobfish likely eats as part of its regular diet. The blobfish is relatively new to the scientific world.

The first P. The group was towing trawling gear a type of net that is dragged across the ocean floor and picked up the now-famous fish.