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The cheapest access from Narita Airport involves a Keisei train. If the train goes to another destination, it's likely to continue on into Tokyo so you will need to change at Keikyu-Kamata station to the next main line limited express train going in the other direction. The overwhelming majority of visitors to Yokohama arrive from Tokyo by train.

A multitude of train lines connect the two cities at roughly equal prices, but some of the more convenient options are:. On a positive note, this allows trains to continue north to Shinjuku , Ikebukuro and into Saitama. Shinkansen trains go to Shin-Yokohama station instead, a few stations away from the main Yokohama station. If your final destination is Chinatown or the harbor area, taking one of the non-Shinkansen trains listed above is likely to be faster. Bashamichi Station is built with artifact bricks and hosts the remains of the first western style bank of Yokohama.

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Note also that Bashamichi literal translation: horse carriage street was the first street in Japan to have gas fired street lighting, which were re-installed lately. Bashamichi Station is surrounded by historical buildings, built only a century ago, but for Japanese standards are a true catapulting into westernization. The line runs parallel to the Keihin-Tohoku Line. Due to the massive expense of maintaining the designer-class stations, the fares are rather pricey, but definitely worthwhile.

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The line runs through the very historical parts of Yokohama, when Japan opened up to the Western civilization. Yokohama is not a very automobile-friendly place, especially for foreigners.

Public transit and walking works best. The Naka Ward office provides a map of Yokohama in English. The Minato Mirai 21 subway line from Yokohama station down the harborfront to Chinatown is the best method of accessing the main tourist haunts. The main subway line is useful primarily for transfers between central Yokohama and the Shinkansen station. For suburban areas, Yokohama has a subway and extensive commuter rail lines that crisscross the city from every direction and to all neighboring cities.

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The former is from Azamino to Shonandai. This cute puppet theater, also known as La Pupa Klubo, holds regular fun puppet shows! This family friendly place schedules shows which are suitable for all, and has been doing so since ! You can really feel the passion and work that goes into these great shows, and kids and adults alike will really enjoy them! It dominates the skyline, and visitors can always look to its huge clock at the top to tell the time!

Although it is not open to the public, it is surrounded by shops and restaurants and is a great landmark to visit up close. Moyan has many branches, but its main flagship restaurant is in Shinjuku. The interiors and ethnic and hip, and customers can enjoy a unique selection of traditional and modern curries.

This includes the popular avocado curry! Locals and tourists come here to eat yakitori, fresh delicious seafood, and other Japanese staples, and drink beers whilst making friends with each other! The winding alleys and dimly lit shacks here are perfect for people who want to leave the shopping malls behind for a while. VR Zone is what it says on the packet- a venue where you can try VR virtual reality gaming in a fun environment.

It does tend to get very busy at peak times but you can make reservations on its website below. You can also relax with a coffee or some food at its cafe. Brooklyn Parlor is one of a kind in Tokyo, and has successfully created a space with the feel of a New York cafe bar.


Situated just a five-minute walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station, you can enjoy top-quality coffee, American cuisine, and tempting cocktails. The vibe is cool, relaxed, and sociable. This is not a joke. You really can get 10 yen sushi at this sushi bar in Shinjuku. At No Name Sushi Shop, you can enjoy yellowtail sushi for 10 yen a piece.

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The bar also serves other types of sushi which are pricier than 10 yen, but still very cheap and well worth the money. Although you do have to buy a drink, it is still very cheap, and you can enjoy sushi and beer for under yen!

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Menya Musashi is a popular ramen shop with several branches, one of which is in Shinjuku. You can slurp freshly made noodles with top-notch pork, tasty broths, and a variety of tempting toppings. Owl Cafes have really increased in number in Tokyo, which is a city known for its animal cafes. At Cafe HOHO, you can choose nice drinks, and simple but tasty dishes and desserts, and relax with these wonderful animals. You are able to pet the owls there, and also have pictures taken with an owl on your arm. The owls are of different sizes and types, and are very cute and friendly!

Shinjuku Gyoen Park is a centerpiece of the area, and one of the most popular city parks in Japan. If you want to escape the crazy business of the city for a while, you can find solace here. It has walking paths, gorgeous gardens, several ponds, and special French and English-style gardens. This park is vast and a great place to reflect or relax. You can find all the latest release films here along with special edition films and occasionally nostalgic re-showings of anime films.

There are plenty of snack foods and beverages to choose from, too. At Recycle Garden Yoyogi, you can find all sorts of secondhand goods, but they specialise and are well-known for their impressive selection of secondhand bicycles. If you are visiting Japan for any length of time or live here and are looking for a budget set of wheels, this is the place to come first.

You will find city bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes here with a range of brands and prices. If you are exploring Shinjuku, why not head to the trendy and exciting student neighborhood of Takadanobaba? The prestigious Waseda University is well worth a visit for its great architecture and buzzing student vibe. The central campus is in Shinjuku and visitors are welcome to walk around the campus and admire the old buildings, parks and green areas, the village-like atmosphere. There are also some great cafes and restaurants to try out!

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The Akagi Shrine is one of the modern shrines in Tokyo, but is still a great place to visit and is popular among locals to come to pray and relax. Representing the modern touch of this Shinto shrine, visitors can relax in the Italian eatery onsite, and browse frequent markets and other events which take place on the grounds of the shrine. A post shared by hide hideprog. The Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery is beautiful inside and out, and definitely worth a visit.

The gallery contains fascinating murals to show the Meiji era, and contains historical paintings and works from famous Japanese artists. The gallery is open from 9 am until 5 pm an costs yen for admittance. You can sample homemade and exceptional soba noodles, tempura, and a delicious broths and seasonal vegetables.

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Located close to Lidabashi Station, you may find a line of people waiting, but it is well worth it! The lush Okuma Garden is situated on the premises of Waseda University, and is a great place to relax or have a picnic on a warm day. Incorporating both western and Japanese garden styles, this serene garden is a welcome break from the busy Shinjuku streets. Asia Yokocho is a buzzing and friendly rooftop restaurant area in the lively Kabukicho area. Here you can savor cuisines from Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea, and make friends over beers!

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The area is filled with different restaurants and many seating areas surrounding it. The Fire Museum in Shinjuku is a must-visit for any fire safety enthusiast or young childn who want to be fire fighters when they grow up!

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Its exhibits take you on an informative journey of the history of the fire service in Japan, fron the Edo Period onwards. Admission is free, and information is in English, too! Kappo Nakajima is a popular and affordable Michelin starred japanes restaurant, and has been attracting visitors for years. Here you can enjoy beautiful tempura, seafood and fish cooked to perfection, and a traditional and relaxing atmosphere.

Be warned that you may have to wait in line as it is usually busy! You could easily spend most of your day just relaxing in this serene environment!