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Not a good place to work at all. Awkward Place. Things that I would consider high level priority were often downplayed, while issues that were extremely minor were sometimes blown completely out of proportion. Multiple, incompatible, data systems were being used simultaneously making work more difficult.

Ie, instead of using a single database to track production, there were 2 or 3 which needed to be updated all the time Fun place to work Good working enviroment. If the company was not moving to Florida I would have stayed until retirement. It was close to home so my commute was very simple. Employees were pleasant to work with and the supervision was easy to work for.

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Smoke in mirrors. When I was hired I was promised opportunities to advance, competitive work environment, opportunities for trainings to advance my skillset, and yearly bonuses and pay increases. The management here followed up on none of these promises, even though the CEO would publicly continue to talk about them in speeches throughout the year. The company monitors everything you do closely usually just to have "proof" when they tell you that you arent working to your potential. They have a background program running on all computers recording every program, website, mouse click, into an excel sheet.

It sends reports splitting productive and nonproductive catagories. When you ask about raises, out comes the excel sheet from the computer monitoring program. The CEO of the company expects everyone to trust him, yet he trusts no one.

S.S. White Technologies, Inc.

He would verbally make promises in a meeting to everyone, then change all of his promises a month later and claim he never said anything. Yet when he expects something from you, you need to sign a contract legally binding you to follow through.

Thus far I'm sure I seem like a disgruntled ex employee. But not everything was negative. The employees all around me were great in supporting each other as we were all in the same boat.

The K match at In an environment where your managers rarely know how to support their teams, you learn a lot on how to create support for yourself and how to be proactive without looking for help from others. I definitely came out of the company better off than when I started. This is not a bad place to work for a year or two if you need a job and want to pad your resume, just be careful of what the owner makes you sign.

But if you are looking for a career, this is not the place for it. You will become Sisyphus, constantly battling uphill and taking a beating all for nothing. Good company, family atmosphere, challanging.

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The people who work at SS White will do anything for you. It's truly a family atmosphere. Management awards those who work hard and allow ideas and personal growth. Moving to Florida otherwise I would work for this company until I was able to retire. Lower base pay because of being small and personal company, moving. Poorly managed deadend job.

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Typical day of work often involves begging for work and being blamed if you don't have anything to do, despite empty promises for projects from managers. Weird combination of absolutely no direction and obscene micromanaging. Coworkers were generally good - all interesting people who did what was needed of them, and the product itself is relatively unique, but the company is absolutely ruined by management's lack of direction, an absurd amount of nepotism, and a disgustingly overbearing CEO.

Do not recommend. Great environment with pleasant people to work with. Working at S.

S.S. White Technologies Highlights Custom Flexible Shafts for Aerospace

White always provides a new challenge- no two days are the same. We have a team of highly skilled managers, and a group of co-workers that are hard working, fun and intelligent. Some times, there are a lot of things on our plate- but the challenges are welcome. Maintenance and repair of plant equipment. Maintenance and repair of plant equipment, fabricate parts for machinery, excellent co-workers. Review this company. Claim this company page Review this company.

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Want to know more about working here? And, is supplying the flexible rotary shaft specifically designed to transmit rotary torque for the manual override on the Honeywell Aerospace Starter Air Valve for the new GE9X turbofan engine which is scheduled for final certification tests this year. This program allows the design engineers to fully model the behavioral characteristics of the wire bundles within the shaft core and arrive at an optimum product that provides maximum bending flexibility and torsion strength while allowing minimal torsion deflection with up to a 30 percent improvement over competitor products.

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